Accessing Spatial Data Tutorial


This tutorial is designed to assist M@IN users in learning about spatial data, its usefulness, accessibility and the national infrastructure (NSDI) which supports it. As part of the Citizen's Guide to Spatial Data and the NSDI, this tutorial is designed to give the user a structured flow in which to learn this information. Each component page will allow the user to go back to the previous section, advance to the next section or return to this page. The components of the tutorial are listed in the index below and linked so that a specific topic can be accessed directly. Throughout the tutorial, references are made to other Web sites where additional information is available. All these resources are listed on the Geographic Information Resources page (linked below).

Geographic Information
Sites Map

Tutorial Index
Introduction / Use Statement
. . . . P 1
Geographic Information and GIS
Software; Data; Data Access
. . . . P 2
Clearinghouses; In North Carolina
. . . . P 6
North Carolina Geographic Data Clearinghouse (NCGDC)
What is its Structure?; How does its Function?
. . . . P 8
NCGDC - Example, Solving the Use Statement
. . . P 11
. . . P 12
Apendix A
. . . . . A

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This tutorial was developed as part of a Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), FY 96, Competitive Cooperative Agreements Program (CCAP) grant. Titled: "Citizen Access to the NSDI via the Mountain Area Informa tion Network of Western North Carolina," it represents a collaberative effort between regional, state and federal communities.

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