Technologies for dealing with spatial data are being applied to geographic problems in growing number of situations. Geographic information systems (GIS) are used by agencies in the public sector, in private industry and consulting, and in research and education. Applications range from mapping fields and forests, to land use planning, to routing garbage trucks.

This web site is designed to provide the public with a brief orientation to this type of data and provide examples of how this technology is being used in western North Carolina. Individual web pages describing specific examples comprise the bulk of this site. These pages were contributed by individual users and their employing institutions.

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The idea of this site was originally conceived in meetings with Wally Bowen (MAIN), Neil Thomas (Resource Data Inc.), Tom Tribble (NC-Center for Geographic Information and Analysis), and Scott Pearson. Glen Locascio (RDI) assisted in proofreading contributed pages. Martin Johnson designed the prototype layout for individual pages. Danny Peck performed most of the HTML coding for the book and assisted with layout. This product would not have been possible without the generous individuals who contributed information about their uses of this technology. This work received financial support from the US Geological Survey and the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN).