South Eastern Regional Association
of Medical and Biological Organizations

SERAMBO is an open association of natural resource and human health managers and researchers concerned about the interrelationships between environmental changes and human health. Additionally, SERAMBO hopes to facilitate the discussion of the potential medicinal values of biologically rich and diverse ecosystems.

SERAMBO is designed to promote interdisciplinary research and management between the medical and biological sciences. SERAMBO stems from needs addressed during a workshop, jointly sponsored by the U.S. Man and Biosphere (MAB) program and the Southern Appalachian Man and Biosphere (SAMAB) program, which took place on February 3-4, 1997.

It is understood that certain human health changes may be attributed to environmental changes; for example, vector borne diseases (i.e. lyme disease, hantavirus), toxins, atmospheric (i.e. ozone) and climatic changes (e.g., effecting vector populations), and exotic pest management.

To encourage and facilitate information dissemination and exchanges we have created a newsgroup, nc.mtns.serambo on Should you post to the newsgroup, please include the following:

Your Name Affiliation Complete Reference information which is cited; e.g. author, journal, date, page, etc.

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