Mountain Area Information Network

What can MAIN do for me?

The Mountain Area Information Network is a full-service Internet provider, offering dialup access in western North Carolina and nationwide, wireless broadband service in Asheville and several surrounding counties, and complete webhosting services for private, commercial, and nonprofit clients nationwide.

When you use MAIN as your Internet service provider, you are supporting nonprofit, independent media rather than a "big box" ISP. Thank you!

Wondering how you can use MAIN? Take a look at this summary of our available services...

What: Low-cost, full-service dialup Internet service. What: High-speed broadband service to your home or office over the air, rather than through cables, wires, or phone lines. What: Nationwide dialup Internet service with the convenience of automatic monthly credit card billing and a full bundle of options included.
Where: Western North Carolina Where: Many parts of Buncombe, Madison, Yancey and Mitchell counties Where: Nationwide, including western North Carolina
How much?: Service starts at $12.50 per month. How much?: Service starts at $35 per month How much?: All-inclusive price is $14.95 per month (automatic credit/debit card charge)
More information/sign up?: Click here More information/sign up?: Click here More information/sign up?: Click here
Options?: Options?: Click here for a complete menu. Options include:
  • Faster speeds
  • Extra Web space/email addresses
  • Higher transfer limits
All wireless accounts include spam/virus filtering and back-up dialup account!
Options?: No need for options, all this is included for just $14.95 per month:
  • Nationwide access
  • Spam/virus filtering
  • MegaSpeed accelerater/popup blocker
webhosting We offer a full line of Web hosting services through both MAIN and IndyLink. No matter where you are located, we can be your home on the Internet! Commercial domain hosting is $150 per year, and nonprofits and civic groups pay just $75 per year! Many optional services are available, so click here for MAIN hosting details, and here to host through IndyLink!.