Computer Related Articles

  • APCUG Feb newsletter articles:  
    • Caveat Emptor by Judy Lococo.  An article about the  problems she encountered with her new computer, Windows XP and Norton  Antivirus.  
    • Changing email addresses by Don Singleton. An article on  Isp's closing down and changing your email address as well as  alternative solutions
    • The Department of Homeland PC Security by Pat Suarez. An article on Security for your Computer.  
    • Windows XP: Why You Oughta Upgrade by Carl  Siechert.  An article on upgrading to Windows XP.  
  • APCUG Mar newsletter articles:  
    • Backing up your hard drive by Gene Barlow. Gene does a good job of explaining the technical aspect of backing up your hard drive. 
    • Hard Drive Cloning by David Muscato.  David tells his  experience in moving his file from the old hard drive to the new one.
    • The $152 Internet Bargain by Steve Bass. Steve's  focus on buying from the internet will I'm sure give you all something  to think about.   
  • UG  network news for Mar: 
    • MUG of the Month: The Rest of Us, Chicago IL 
    • Free downloadable "Custom" Photoshop plug-in, 16-bits/channel
    • This Old Mouse: The old beige box gets a new Optical Mouse
    • The MUG Help Files: Dealing with Difficult People 
    • Symantec Knows Good Security 
    • Put Spam in its place with Email Magician and FileMaker 
    • ConceptDraw boosts the juice
    • InfoManager Update 
    • Association News: 2nd Annual Meeting  

o       My Favorite E-Mail Program by Sigrid Foreman, Tyler Computer Club

o       As Bold As Seybold, by Ron Feiertag. 

o       The Plain Truth about Casual Software Piracy, by Matt Slot, Ambrosia Software.  Here's a fascinating article about piracy and how it affects a small software firm.  

o       Shopping Tips for Internet Shopaholics , By Steve Bass, Pasadena IBM Users Group  


  • APCUG May newsletter articles:
    • Backing up your hard drive by Gene  Barlow, an article about how to back up your hard drive for when your  hard drive fails.  
    • Why I am Against the Internet Freedom and Broadband  Deployment Act  By Dennis Courtney, President, Capital PC User Group - Washington, DC  Title is self explanatory.  
    • The Mac Corner, By Kurt Jefferson email: Central  Kentucky Computer Society, An article geared to the Mac community.  
    • Trimming and Cutting for Dummies Like Me, By Bruce  Switalla, Coastal Area Users Group (CAUG) I think you will enjoy this  article.  


  • APCUG June newsletter articles:
    • Mandrake 8.1 Is Linux for you? - An article from Bryan Lilius, of the Alamo PC group regarding  the attributes of running Linux and particularly Mandrake 8.1
    • Ten Years Ago by Steve Bass - A short article that  describes the process of getting a new hard disk - in 1992.
    • Troubleshooting Linux with Unix Tools - an article by Darren Kressin, of Alamo PC users group. This article covers a lot of the changes in Networking.


o       Choosing A New Computer for the Kids   Part 1, By Ira  Wilsker

o       Incredimail  a FREE e-mail Program by By: Sigrid  Foreman. Part 1 “My Favorite E-Mail Program” was sent out a while back and  this article will give your members and readers more information on finding  stationeries, sounds and e-cards. 

o       Ten Years Ago by Steve Bass, A look back at a column that deals with the transition  to Windows in 1992.

o       Windows XP: As Good as it Gets.  By Steve Bass, Pasadena IBM Users Group.  Bass  discovers few crashes, great performance, and a minimum of headaches with XP