A Survey of Calloway Cemetery


Calloway Cemetery


Here are the gravestones and inscriptions, sketches of shapes and insignia on stones, also there are a few notes on unidentifiable stones, fieldstones, etc., I recorded in August 1983 at Calloway Cemetery. My survey begins in the Northwest corner and a chart attempts to show the grave locations in each direction, but with many uncertain, unidentifiable stones and rows with long unfilled spaces, and even known spaces with burials, it was a difificult task. Today we'd just GIS it by satellite!

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Captain Thomas Calloway, petrified fence rail stele with initials Tc carved in it, said to be pulled from New River by Daniel Boone
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Elijah Calloway and Mary Calloway, grand-niece of Daniel Boone
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New Jacob Faw II and Elizabeth Hyre stone.

chart map
The chart/mapping of the site and locations.