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Ashe County, NC - A photo essay, as remembered, by Jack Lynch



July 1971 That is me, eleven years old, standing in the frame space for the front door.




Cabin Today


Summer 2010 a view up the farm lane, my father Jack Lynch is standing outside by his truck. Overall the condition is pretty good after forty years time and weather.


Cabin Opposite back



The occasional log end has weathered a bit from rain water, but not many, however the lesson learned is to have a wide roof eave overhang, maybe eighteen inches, in order to repel water.


Cabin Chimney


Chimney Side from Front of Cabin.


Cabin Porch


The front porch needs a bit of refurbishment. The lower front log suffered the most from weather, here its removed completely due to rot from water on front and the steps side. It will be replaced and the roof support logs replaced too where the boards are propping it up. It is still strong enough to walk across.


Cabin Rear



Another view of the rear. The roof was so shiny from the sunlight in the pic that I colored it in with a solid color.






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