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Rhododendrons are superb for home plantings, whether large or small. Attractive foliage (often evergreen), excellent habit, and gorgeous flowers combine to make them superb for foundation plantings, naturalizing in drifts in open woodland settings, and for planting in groups throughout the landscape, where long-lasting focal interest is wanted. They require little care. Botanically, all azaleas are rhododendrons, but trade practice calls the smaller-leaved and deciduous types "azaleas."

Rhododendrons and azaleas are shallow rooted and should not be planted too deeply. The heavier the soil, the shallower the plantings. Select a location where they are somewhat protected from drying winds and hot, afternoon sun. A cool, moist acid soil is ideal, particularly one that contains a high percentage of organic matter to retain moisture.

An outstanding breed of iron hardiness, this purple specimen is a familiar site in Avery county. The flowers are rich in color and the glossy green leaves form a perfect backgound for the handsome blooms.
This showy plant is one of the classics of the rhododendron world. Against a background of emerald green foliage, the dense and domed-shaped blooms appear. The flowers are exceptionally longlasting.
This American beauty is seen in the wild come July when it blankets the Blue Ridge Parkway. As a hybrid its flower buds appear in deep pink, then open to a soft apple blossom white.

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