Christmas Trees !
Ancient tradition takes on new meaning each December when you invite an evergreen indoors. Celebrating northern European tribes were first to cut trees and bring them home. Vibrant green against the snow, the trees were seen as a symbol of life and light that was bound to return with spring.

Today, wild forest trees are seldom cut or dug for the holidays. Today, trees come from farms. But they are as full and fragrant as nature's own, and still offer the ageless gift of renewal. As the Fraser Fir Capitol of the World, Avery county takes pride in its ability to grow the finest Fraser Firs, but White Pines also abound. Both these handsome trees are described below.

Fraser Fir
The Fraser Fir is a truly superb Christmas tree. The dark green color and fresh-cut aroma makes it one of the most desirable trees on the market.Even heavy ornaments can be humg from its strong boughs that have been pruned carefully for the desired shape. The silvery underside of of the soft needles are pleasant to the touch and are retained on the tree throughout the holiday season.

White Pine
The White Pine is also an excellent Christmas tree. The soft long needles that have blue-green color with just a hint of whie make this tree a favorite. Years of meticulous shearing create a beautiful, dense, conical shaped tree that stands straight and retains its needles.

Merry Christmas
Felice Navidad

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