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Thu Aug 21 15:34:39 1997 from
George Wright <gwright@tvr.org

Made the following comments: I'm glad to see a site for this county! It'll be a great link on our web page!

Thu Aug 28 00:37:27 1997 from dial-10.r5.ncbldw.infoave.net
Johnny Johnson <jrjohnson@skybest.com

Made the following comments: Nice work! You've got some good information here.Keep it up!

Thu Aug 28 19:34:14 1997 from
Ross <slider@m-y.net

Made the following comments: Love the site! Great work guys!

Tue Sep 16 20:47:29 1997 from
Larry Honeycutt <larryd@m-y.net

Made the following comments: This is a very nice page. I will be checking it out more often.

Wed Sep 17 23:33:42 1997 from
Joe and Kay Warren <willened@aol.com

Made the following comments:

Sat Sep 20 18:44:30 1997 from
JML <NCwebsite@aol.com

Made the following comments: Please review our website, your professional opinion is valued. Highlands NC Chamber of Commerce http://members.aol.com/NCwebsite/commerce.htmThanks, :-)

Sun Sep 28 09:20:15 1997 from
Jack m. Ledford,Jr. <kd4glb@appstate.campus.mci.net

Made the following comments:

Thu Oct 2 14:22:55 1997 from
Earl Goodman, Jr. <egii@aol.com

Made the following comments: I am interested in finding, delineating, and promoting the Eastern Continental Divide and it seems that it may traverse this area. It begins in Key West FL and goes through GA, NC, VA on up into NY, then west through OH, IN, IL, WI, and ends in Hibbard MN. I would like to promote it primarily on the Internet, and by encouraging delineation on maps and with highway signs, similar to what is already being done in NC. I would also like to pull together on the Internet people in the various towns, cities and rural communities on or near the Eastern Continental Divide.

Sat Oct 11 13:50:11 1997 from
Lee Holtsclaw <low-ridin@usa.net

Made the following comments: A very informative site with a wonderful layoutand design!

Sun Oct 12 17:46:47 1997 from
Thomas L. Andrews <mudwarrior@planet-nc.com

Made the following comments: Very nice site. I really enjoyed my visit.

Mon Oct 27 11:00:57 1997 from
Jim Morton <grandfathermountain@usa.net

Made the following comments: Thanks to MAIN for promoting Western North Carolina's presence on the Internet. Here are some photos of Grandfather Mountain for folks to enjoy.

Thu Nov 6 12:13:56 1997 from
Donnelle Graham <dgraham@valleysprings.buncombe.k12.nc.us

Made the following comments: We are moving to the area. Thanks for the tour of the county.

Wed Nov 12 13:42:47 1997 from
nikki <mnb01@mch.edu

Made the following comments: hey ben....great work on the Avery County stuff!

Sun Nov 23 20:55:44 1997 from
bill vines <wvines800@aol.com

Made the following comments: this site keeps getting better and better---must be some capable folks running it!

Sun Dec 7 14:58:31 1997 from
Dee Williams <listing@asheville.net

Made the following comments: Great site, if you need more info on Western North Carolina . please visit Western North Carolina Online at http://asheville.net.Enjoy ..PS. Please visit crafts.com and organics.com.

Mon Dec 15 18:21:46 1997 from
Sheelagh Donaldson <smd@ncrights.com

Made the following comments:

Tue Dec 23 21:19:33 1997 from
Zsuzsana <slakos.biochem@mhs.unc.edu

Made the following comments: A legjobb hely elni, mindig is szerettem a hegyeket.Ha sok zsozsim lesz, odakoltozok!!Bye-Bye

Mon Jan 12 23:39:02 1998 from
Brian L. Payne <blpayne@juno.com

Made the following comments: I was raised in Plumtree and graduated from Avery High in 1986. Just wanted to visit the place that I still consider HOME!

Fri Jan 16 11:51:02 1998 from
Denise Prewitt <IAM4TEXANS

Made the following comments: Nice work!!!!! Great layout!!!!!

Fri Jan 16 14:37:03 1998 from
F C Ellenburg <ellenburg@m-y.net

Made the following comments: All webb visitors come on up to Avery County. A great place to live. We have had a house here for about 14 years and owned land for over 26 years. We are in our second home within that time. If fact, we have a small house for sale.We are not too far from one of the places almost destroyed by the floods recently. Our people are tough. Pray for all of the flood families, as well as all of the workers assisting them.

Sat Jan 31 13:08:52 1998 from
David Johnson (ex of Linville) <djohnfey@bellatlantic.net

Made the following comments: My great grandfather was Alexander MacRae,it is his farm that bears the name Mac Rae Meadows.My father was Elmer Johnson of Minneapolis.

Fri Feb 13 05:21:37 1998 from
Regina Hill <sandjie@aol.com

Made the following comments: I loved your page and hope you'll keep up the great work..I'm from Burnsville, NC... and would like local residents to visit me atmy web site... thanks, Regina

Fri Feb 20 19:47:11 1998 from
Regina Hill <sandjie@aol.com

Made the following comments: Beautiful page...the photo is great... I live in Yancey Country... Regina

Wed Feb 25 22:48:57 1998 from
Vicki <flash@gbso.net

Made the following comments: Hello, I'm a Girl Scout Leader in Florida, I also own a home in Pineola. I was looking for more information on Girl Scouts and Camps in the area. By the way great web site! Thanks for the help.

Sun Mar 1 21:56:05 1998 from
Dr. F. C. Ellenburg <ellenburg@m-y.net

Made the following comments: Great job. Does anyone know how we could locate old farm homes in Avery County built around 1900? Any leads would be appreciated. My daughter is a Ph. D. student at The University of Tennessee and has been given an assignment this summer while staying with us. We have a beautiful place to live. Let us let other people know it too!!Dr. F C Ellenburg, e-mail, ellenburg@m-y.net. P. O Box 395 Pineola, N. C. 28662

Tue Mar 3 11:24:45 1998 from
ana vogel

Made the following comments: Your website offers a wealth of information and is very attractive because of the graphics and photos used. It is obvious that a lot of time and energy has been spent putting it together and it shows. Thanks so much!!!

Wed Mar 4 13:51:01 1998 from
"Little Bones" <bubba_ray@hotmail.com

Made the following comments: Great idea. I was raised in Elk Park. If there's any assistance I might be able to provide in posting more info on the web, please contact me...

Fri May 15 16:12:28 1998 from

Made the following comments: Your site looks great! I love coming back forupdated information!

Mon May 18 10:31:05 1998 from

Made the following comments:

Thu May 28 11:51:52 1998 from
H. Larry Gore, DVM, CAE <larmar368732@wcu.campus.mci.net

Made the following comments: I have been in the area several times and have always been impressed with the beauty of your area of the state. By the way I am a retired DVM, and I visited your fine Humane Society shelter there. It is without a question one of the best, cleanest, well care for facilities I have seen anywhere. The people that run it must be the best, and we congratulate them

Sun Jul 19 10:56:48 1998 from
Mike Lyons <jlyons@comdt.uscg,com

Made the following comments: My mother's side of the family is from Avery Co. - Elk Park (Buck, Ellis, and Clark). I was born in Crossnore. I shall return someday.

Tue Jul 21 15:40:26 1998 from
William Mc Daniel <wmcdaniel@webtv.net

Made the following comments: I live in Al.,but will be in Pineola for three months starting Aug 1. Need isp for internet hook up. Can you help?

Sun Aug 23 13:00:44 1998 from
Brandon and Pamela Stewart <twostewarts@sprintmail.com

Made the following comments: I love this Place. It is so beautiful.I would love to live there.

Thu Sep 17 18:46:59 1998 from
E. Phillips <ephil40@aol.com

Made the following comments: I was pleased to see your Web site on what is one of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the eastern U.S. Hope to see more historical content on the communities in the county. I am particularly interested in any information about Cranberry and the Cranberry Mining Company. My great-great grandfather was a foreman with this company and I'm trying to research his role in the community affairs of Cranberry (circa 1870s).

Mon Oct 26 20:55:44 1998 from
Gwen Boulton <gboulton@gladstone.uoregon.edu

Made the following comments: Hi! I live in Oregon now, but moved from Heaton, in Avery County. I was feeling homesick, and wanted to say hi to anyone out there.

Sun Nov 8 17:40:57 1998 from
John Dignan <Digi!@usa.net

Made the following comments: