Mapping Broadband in Western North Carolina

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Mapping Broadband in WNC

Welcome to Mapping Broadband in WNC, the site that lets you compare your broadband experience with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) map for availability and speed in 16 of our mountain counties.

The FCC map covers wireline access (DSL, cable, fiber) based on data reported by incumbent telephone and cable companies. This is your chance to document the accuracy, or inaccuracy, of data provided by the telecom industry to the FCC.

With your help, “Mapping Broadband in WNC” will bring more rural voices – informed by “crowd-sourced” documentation – into the national broadband debate.

To test your broadband speed – or to document your lack of access – please follow the Speed Test instructions. Results will be displayed on the adjacent map which is based on the official FCC broadband map for Western North Carolina. (Click on the map to enlarge; continue clicking to zoom in.)

The FCC's current standard for minimally acceptable broadband speed is 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. Locations which meet or exceed this standard are indicated by a blue star *. Tests which fail to meet the standard are indicated by a red star *.

Locations reported NOT to have broadband access are indicated by a BLACK dot.

How do we solve the rural broadband crisis? Click on Learn More for an overview, options, and how to get involved.

Broadband map