Winter 1994, Volume 2, Number 1

CML workshops for grades K-12

"Where Do Ninja Turtles Come From?" is the title of a 50-minute workshop for grades K-5 offered by Citizens for Media Literacy.

The workshop offers children simple, concrete examples of how to think critically about TV and advertising.

Special emphasis is placed on the benefits of telling one's own stories rather than being pre-occupied with manufactured stories designed to promote the purchase of products.

"Thinking Critically About Channel One" is the title of a workshop CML is developing with the help of an 8th grade class at Enka Middle School taught by Patsy Keever.

The workshop is applicable for both middle and high school classrooms.

CML plans to publish a "Viewer's Guide to Channel One" in 1995. Channel One was recently sold by Whittle Communications to K-III Communications, owner of the Weekly Reader newspaper.

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