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Home / Community Network News / March 2003
MAIN News Archives for March 2003
 03/31 -  Will war coverage influence new media policy?
 03/31 -  A voice of modern Appalachia
 03/31 -  While working-class fights war, tax-cut for rich advances in Congress
 03/30 -  Is U.S. isolation and obsession with military spending self-defeating?
 03/30 -  Medical malpractice fight brewing in Raleigh
 03/28 -  Radio, TV consultants say "political correctness" is good for profits
 03/28 -  Judge asks tough questions about I-26 widening
 03/28 -  Buying local produce means healthier food and support for WNC farmers
 03/28 -  Corporate lobbyists sitting on key Pentagon panel
 03/28 -  New radio stations to debut in Asheville
 03/27 -  How American TV misses the bigger picture
 03/27 -  Asheville closes park to war demonstrators
 03/26 -  Pro-war radio network has ties to Bush
 03/25 -  SEC charges HealthSouth with massive fraud
 03/25 -  GOP senators seek review of changes in media rules
 03/25 -  World and America are watching different wars
 03/25 -  N.C. election reform battle heating up
 03/24 -  Durham to host FCC hearing on media ownership
 03/24 -  WNC citizens go to Raleigh to lobby for clean water
 03/24 -  Arthur Schlesinger on Bush doctrine of preventive war
 03/24 -  FCC gets an earful from radio listeners
 03/24 -  WNC lobbying to become Heritage Area
 03/24 -  Graham commissioners want share of "Road to Nowhere" settlement
 03/23 -  Liberal arts key to dynamic economy
 03/23 -  Conservatives question Bush's "reckless path"
 03/22 -  War's certainty: a big price tag
 03/22 -  Question remains about Iraq War: Is it legal?
 03/22 -  Struggle for freedom at home and abroad
 03/22 -  Did Asheville police overreact against war protesters?
 03/21 -  Waynesville land-use plan enters final stage
 03/21 -  As they report the war, media companies seek favors from Bush
 03/21 -  Did talk radio prepare the way for war?
 03/21 -  Asheville police clash with anti-war protesters
 03/20 -  The war over global public opinion
 03/20 -  Will Iraq invasion yield moment of truth?
 03/20 -  Are war protests in vain?
 03/20 -  Madison grant to help eliminate "straight-piping"
 03/19 -  Radio giant Clear Channel helped organize pro-war rallies
 03/19 -  N.C. lawmakers take Spanish 101
 03/18 -  N.C. farmer in tense stand-off with Washington police
 03/18 -  Web surfers look overseas as media watchdogs nap
 03/18 -  N.C. nonprofit helps depressed mountain towns
 03/18 -  In Iraq crisis, networks are megaphones for official views
 03/18 -  Corporate tax-cheats overlooked in march to war
 03/17 -  The high cost of corporate radio
 03/17 -  FBI mobilizing for increased terror threat
 03/17 -  Asheville's minimum housing code under fire
 03/17 -  American woman killed by Israeli bulldozer
 03/17 -  Equal time for protest signs
 03/16 -  U.S. intelligence cites lack of evidence of banned arms in Iraq
 03/16 -  When democracy failed: A warning from history
 03/16 -  N.C. political family faces scandal
 03/15 -  The impact of Bush linking Iraq and 9/11
 03/15 -  Warring with the church, too?
 03/11 -  Business loans for the little guys
 03/11 -  Terrorism expert says war is not the answer
 03/11 -  Writers debate media bias, Iraq coverage
 03/11 -  Short-list of U.S. firms aim to cash-in on Iraq
 03/10 -  The voice you won't hear via corporate media
 03/10 -  Vote-buying scandal rocks Lenoir
 03/10 -  Citizens oppose move to relax media ownership rules
 03/10 -  Former mill-towns receive water, sewer grants
 03/09 -  Bush pension-reform plan would hurt older workers, study finds
 03/07 -  Did GE turn out the lights on Phil Donahue?
 03/07 -  Taylor, Swain leaders at odds over "Road to Nowhere"
 03/07 -  The war on schools (registration required)
 03/07 -  'The peace crowd' not the only ones opposing war
 03/06 -  Hiding the cost of war
 03/05 -  Memo exposes Bush's green strategy
 03/04 -  Activists say Bush's budget cuts target social programs
 03/04 -  Former Asheville student is focus of major legal test
 03/04 -  Old South goes with the wind
 03/03 -  The brave new world of media literacy
 03/03 -  Easley's "State of the State" address renews call for lottery
 03/03 -  Will 'Big Media' keep public in the dark on FCC debate?
 03/03 -  Is Bush buying a coalition?
 03/03 -  Conservancy preserves Rough Creek watershed
 03/03 -  State lawmakers filing more 'ghost' bills
 03/01 -  Ivins: Missteps enough to make Kim Jong ill