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Home / Community Network News / Bad Weather and Busy Signals

Dear Friends of MAIN:

We've been getting complaints of busy signals in several counties, yet we have adequate user-to-modem ratios in these counties.

We can only conclude that too many users in these counties are staying online for 3-6 hours at a stretch! Is it the weather? Or are folks forgetting to disconnect? Kids out of school?

Please, if you or someone in your family is staying online excessively, moderate the usage and be sure to disconnect when you're done. We cannot justify the expense of adding new modems and phone lines when we already have sufficient capacity.

If your kids are out of school and using your account, please monitor their online time and moderate their usage. Otherwise, we must judge the excessive usage an "abuse of the system," per the MAIN User Agreement, and deny access to the abusive accounts. We prefer not to take this drastic step. Thanks for your help.

MAIN Network Administration