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What and Who We Are

CSD is a diverse group of Asheville and Buncombe residents who seek development that will help maintain the quality of life in the areas in which we live and work.

CSD members range from students to professionals and retired professionals; neighborhood leaders to community activists; and local residents united with a common goal ~ to maintain a sense of place and the quality of life in Asheville and Buncombe County.

We are not anti-development.  We do feel that local residents have a right to participate in the public decion-making process as to how our area is developed.

Development-driven urban sprawl has greatly diminished the quality of life throughout the United States.  Many citizens are not being kept informed of local development projects and feel helpless to fight them if they indeed threaten such quality of life.

CSD aims to empower local residents to realize that their voices do count and can be raised to say what they want in their neighborhoods and how their quality of life can be preserved.

Our areas of concern include traffic congestion, air pollution, water quality issues, pedestrian safety, loss of historic sites, lower residential property values and the loss of smaller, locally-owned businesses as large "box" stores monopolize business.