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Robbinsville Lions Club
Serving Graham County North Carolina
Since January 19, 1938

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Welcome to Robbinsville

The Robbinsville Lions Club ceased operations
and disbanded the end of June 2017.

The past and present members of the Robbinsville Lions Club
would like to thank the Graham County community
for their generators support over the past 80 years.

We Serve Worldwide



  Robbinsville Officers 2016-2017

Officers 2016-2017
President John Norcross
First Vice-President Ted  Norcross
Secretary Tom Livingston
Treasurer Roy Gilliland
Tail Twister Jane Livingston
Membership Chair Doyle Brock
Chaplain O.W. Hooper

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Robbinsville Lions Club

The Robbinsville Lions Club was organized on December 15, 1937. It was sponsored by the Murphy Lions Club and received its Charter on January 19, 1938 .  

The Charter Members were:


            L.W. Wilson
W. Mike Brown
R.B. Morphew
L.B. Barbee
John B. Smith
J.D. Warrick
Ray Parson
John B. Veach
W.O. Soderquest

R.L. Phillips
J.H. Moody
W.B. Wiggins
J.J. Snider
E.D. Ingram
Diamond Roach
O.L Ammons
G.L. Lovett

Lion Mike Brown was the last active Charter Member until 1968.  The Robbinsville Lions Club sponsored the Fontana Dam Lions Club in April 1950 and the Andrews Lions Club in October 1967.

We Sponsor the Following Programs -- Sight & Hearing Projects, Large Print Books, Camp Dogwood, Eliada Home, McCune Center, Wheelchair Project, Scouting and Youth Programs, Scholarships Programs, Relay for Life, and the Special Olympics.


Our Primary Fund Raisers are -- Fontana Village Bingo since 1952, Annual Beef Raffle, Industries for the Blind Broom & Mop Sales, Holiday Flag Project, Graham County Heritage Festival, and Stecoah Valley Center Fall Festival.

The Robbinsville Lions Club meets at 6:00 p.m. the first and third Thursday of each month in Robbinsville, N.C. Robbinsville Lions Club is in District 31A, Region 1, Zone 1 of North Carolina.

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Lions Club International

The International Association of Lions Clubs began as the dream of Chicago businessman Melvin Jones. He believed that local business clubs should expand their horizons from purely professional concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large.

Jones’ own group, the Business Circle of Chicago, agreed, After contacting similar groups around the country, an organizational meeting was held on June 7, 1917, at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago. The new group took the name of one of the groups invited, the "Association of Lions Clubs," and a national convention was held in Dallas in October of that year. A constitution, by-laws, objects and code of ethics were approved.

Among the official objects adopted in those early years was one which read, "No club shall hold out the financial betterment of its members as its object." This object has remained one of the association’s main tenets ever since.

Just three years after its formation, the organization became international hen the first club in Canada was established in 1920. Major international expansion continued as clubs were established, particularly throughout Europe, Asia and Africa during the 1950s and 1960s.

Perhaps the single event having the greatest impact on the association’s service commitment occurred in 1925 when Helen Keller addressed the Lions at their international convention in Cedar Point, Ohio. It was there that she challenged Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.

In 1990 Lions laughed their most aggressive sight preservation effort to date, SightFirst. The more than US$130 million-plus program strives to rid the world of preventable and reversible blindness by closing the gap between existing health care services and those that remain desperately needed.

Broadening its role in international understanding, the association helped the united Nations form the Non-Governmental Organizations sections in 1945, and continues to hold consultative status today. Each year, during The Lions Day With The United nations ceremonies, an award is presented to the grand prize winner of the Lions International Peace Poster Contest.

Since those first years, the association has grown to include 1.4 million men and women in more than 43,000 clubs located in approximately 180 countries and geographical areas.

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Melvin Jones Fellows

Patrons of humanity, possessed of world-view,
performing deeds that outlast a lifetime.

The Foundation’s Highest Honor

The Melvin Jones Fellowship, which was created in 1973, takes its name from the founder of the Lions Club International, Melvin Jones. It is an honor not an award. The fellowship was established as Lions Club International Foundation’s highest form of recognition to acknowledge an individual’s dedication to humanitarian service.

Thousands of lives have been touched by the good works that are funded with fellowship donations and are largely responsible for successfully launching the Lion’s aggressive global attack on preventable and curable blindness -- The Lions Club International Foundation Sight First Program.

The personal nature of the fellowship restricts it to individuals only. The honor cannot be given to any club, group or organization. It is not a requirement that the humanitarian so honored be a Lion.

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Robbinsville Lions Club
Past Presidents


Past Presidents’ Name Term of Office
1 L.W. Wilson 1937-1938
2 L.W. Wilson 1938-1939
3 Ed Ingram 1939-1940
4 Walter Wiggins 1940-1941
5 W. Mike Brown 1941-1942
6 John B. Smith 1942-1943
7 Ray Parsons 1943-1944
8 William O. Soderquist 1944-1945
9 J.D. Warrick 1945-1946
10 Frank Colvard 1946-1947
11 Floyd Millsaps 1947-1948
12 W.F. Elzey 1948-1949
13 Arnold J. Hyde 1949-1950
14 George H. Hill 1950-1951
15 W.H. Flake 1951-1952
16 Water J. Gray 1952-1953
17 Wayne McClung 1953-1954
18 Elmo Ghormley 1954-1955
19 J.S. Howlett 1955-1956
20 C.P. Hanrahan, Jr. 1956-1957
21 Albert Lee 1957-1958
22 Norman Dawson 1958-1959
23 Earl Parsons 1959-1960
24 Harry Rogers 1960-1961
25 Doyle Brock 1961-1962
26 Gilbert Gillespie 1962-1963
27 J. Broadus Collins 1963-1964
28 Ross Smith 1964-1965
29 Frank W. Rodgers 1965-1966
30 J. Kenneth Perry 1966-1967
31 Thomas J. Price and John Manual 1967-1968
32 Edward Dillard and Loy Kennedy 1968-1969
33 Charles B. Aulds 1969-1970
34 Graham Deniel 1970-1971
35 Bill Singleton 1971-1972
36 Harold C. Rogers 1972-1973
37 Wayne Shepard 1973-1974
38 Charles W. Stiles 1974-1975
39 T. Martin DeLozier 1975-1976
40 Raymond Norton 1976-1977
41 James E. Brown 1977-1978
42 Thomas Kuhn 1978-1979
43 Marshall McClung 1979-1980
44 Harry J. Owens 1980-1981
45 Paul James 1981-1982
46 Robert H. Mosezey 1982-1983
47 Jack Lovin 1983-1984
48 William McPeters 1984-1985
49 Zeland McKinney 1985-1986
50 Lowell Crisp 1986-1987
51 Ted Norcross, Sr. 1987-1988
52 John Norcross 1988-1989
53 Marshall McClung 1989-1990
54 Gerald Tinney 1990-1991
55 Gerald Tinney 1991-1992
56 Bill Rhodarmer 1992-1993
57 O.W. Hooper, Jr. 1993-1994
58 Gary Pressley 1994-1995
59 Scott Brooms 1995-1996
60 Scott Perkins 1996-1997
61 Larry S. Viar 1997-1998
62 Doyle Brock 1998-1999
63 Harold Doster 1999-2000
64 Richard Sander 2000-2001
65 Thomas Livingston 2001-2002
66 John Norcross 2002-2003
67 Mildred Hooper 2003-2004
68 Larry Viar 2004-2005
69 Roy Gilliland 2005-2006
70 Richard Evans 2006-2007
72 Richard Evans 2007-2008
73 John Norcross 2008-2009
74 John Norcross 2009-2010
75 John Norcross 2010-2011
76 John Norcross 2011-2012
77 John Norcross 2012-2013
78 John Norcross 2013-2014
79 John Norcross 2014-2015
80 John Norcross 2015-2016
81 John Norcross 2016-2017

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Robbinsville Lions Club Members

James "Scooter" Brown
Doyle Brock
Margaret Evans
Richard Evans
Ray Green
Mildred Hooper
O. W. Hooper


Jane Livingston
Tom Livingston
Drew Norcross
John Norcross
Kyle Norcross
Ted Norcross

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