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What is DNS?
DNS is short for Domain Name System (or Service). Behind the scenes, the Internet is actually based on a system of numerical addresses. Every time you type in a Web address, like, a DNS server translates that address into its corresponding numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address. DNS enables us to use the catchy, descriptive website names we're used to, instead of typing in a string of numbers each time.

By changing your DNS Setting to the new numbers listed in the how-to below, you'll have a faster and more reliable connection to the Internet. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting our Help Desk at, or calling (828) 255-0282.

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DNS Settings for Windows 95/98/ME Users

Using Windows 2000/Windows XP? Click here for instructions.

This is a very easy change to make. We suggest that you print this page out if possible so that you can have the instructions in front of you as you make the change. Click here for a printer friendly version of this document.

1. Double click on My Computer.

My Computer Icon

2. Double click on Dial-Up Networking (if you have Windows ME, double click Control Panel first).

Dial Up Networking Icon

3. Right click on the MAIN The Connectoid! connection icon, and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

When you Click!

Your Connection Properties window will appear.

General Window

4. Click the Server Types or Networking Tab. (a few older Win95 machines will have a button for Server Types instead)

The Server Types

5. Click the TCP/IP Settings button (not the check mark).

6. Your TCP/IP Settings screen should look similar to this one. Make sure "Specify name server addresses" is selected, and change the numbers to use the values shown if they are set differently.

TCP/IP Properties, The Bomb.

7. Click OK on all the windows. Close Dial-Up Networking and My Computer.  

You have now successfully changed your DNS settings.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact .