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Linux Help

The links below will take you to NC State's mirror of the Linux Documentation Project.

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Master Howto list

Commonly Requested Howto's:

  • Config HOWTO, by Guido Gonzato <>. How to fine-tune and customize your Linux system. Updated 6 September 1999.
  • DOS/Win to Linux HOWTO, by Guido Gonzato <>. How to move from DOS/Windows to Linux. Updated 22 February 1999.
  • Ethernet HOWTO, by Paul Gortmaker <>. Information on Ethernet hardware compatibility for Linux. Updated 5 May 1999.
  • ISP Hookup HOWTO, by Egil Kvaleberg <>. Basic introduction to hooking up to an ISP. Updated 5 March 1998.
  • Mail User HOWTO, by Eric S. Raymond <>. This document is an introduction to the world of electronic mail. Updated 07 May 1999.
  • Modem HOWTO, by David S. Lawyer <>. Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting, and understanding modems for a PC. Updated 4 January 2000.
  • Networking Overview HOWTO, by Daniel López Ridruejo <>. The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the networking capabilities of the Linux Operating System providing pointers for further information and implementation details. Updated 17 September 1999.
  • Online Troubleshooting Resources HOWTO, by Howard Mann <>. This document will direct Linux users to resources available on the Internet. Updated 18 September 1999.
  • PPP HOWTO, by Robert Hart <>. Information on using PPP networking with Linux. Updated 31 March 1997.
  • Quake HOWTO, by Bob Zimbinski <> Thomas Mike Hallock>. This document explains how to install, run and troubleshoot Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II on an Intel Linux system. Updated 30 August 1998.
  • Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO, by Eric S. Raymond <>. Describes the working basics of PC-class computers, Unix-like operating systems, and the Internet in non-technical language. Updated 25 September 1999.
  • WWW HOWTO, by Wayne Leister <>. How to set up WWW clients and servers. Updated 21 August 1999.
  • .

HOWTO's ] [ mini-HOWTO's ] [ WNCLUG ]

Master mini-Howto list

Commonly Requested mini-Howto's:

  • Coffee mini-HOWTO, by Georgatos Photis <>. Thoughts about making coffee with Linux (humorous). Updated 15 January 1998.
  • FTP mini-HOWTO, by Matthew Borowski>;. How to use ftp clients and servers. Updated 9 January 2000.
  • ISP Connectivity mini-HOWTO, by Michael Strates <>. How to get mail and news over a dialup connection. Updated 6 November 1997.
  • Man Page mini-HOWTO, by Jens Schweikhardt <>. How to write man pages. Updated July 1998.
  • Offline Mailing mini-HOWTO, by Gunther Voet <>. How to set up email addresses without a dedicated Internet connection. Updated 4 June 1998.
  • Public Web Browser mini-HOWTO, by Donald B. Marti Jr. <>. How to set up a guest account to use a WWW browser. Updated 5 January 1998.
  • SLIP-PPP Emulator mini-HOWTO, by Irish <>. How to use SLIP-PPP emulators with Linux. Updated 7 August 1997.
  • Linux Modem Sharing mini-HOWTO, by Friedemann Baitinger <>. How to setup Linux as a modem sharing server for other client computers. Updated 2 November 1997.

HOWTO's ] [ mini-HOWTO's ] [ WNCLUG ]

MAIN is also a sponsor of WNCLUG, Western North Carolina Linux Users Group. They may be found on the web at:

HOWTO's ] [ mini-HOWTO's ] [ WNCLUG ]