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Highlands Roadrunners Club

Our motto:

"Are we going to run,
Or are we going to talk about it?!"


The Highlands Roadrunners Club was officially founded at an informal meeting held at the Highlands Civic Center by founder Richard Betz on August 5, 1995.  Although many area runners, from "amateur" to "elite," had been enjoying the superb climate and terrain of Highlands for years, they seldom ran as a group, and there was no network of communication.  At the initial meeting, the so-called "founding members" (dubbed "foundering" members by one wag) discovered that there are many advantages to even a loose organization..  Runners began to form friendships and to run regularly with one another, as well as with visitors to Town.  The Club welcomes friends, visitors, and beginning runners.  It is not unusual for visiting runners who are training for races to contact us and complete a long run as part of their training schedule.

In 1999, the Club decided to become incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  We are proud members of the Road Runners Club of America.


Annual membership dues are $20.00.  A "monthly" newsletter is published sporadically, containing information on the exploits of members at area races, a calendar of events, advise on training and injuries, and general pleasantries.  Members of our club participate in events as varied as small local 5-Ks and far-flung marathons.  But we also enjoy slow, leisurely runs, paced for the non-competitive runner.  We welcome visitors, and we encourage running of any kind.  Whether you live here part-time or are visiting for a short while, come run with us!  You can check out the schedule and e-mail me directly through the link below to confirm the time of a group run.

Annual New Year’s Resolution Run – January 1, 2019


Weekly Running Schedule

NOTICE:  All group runs have been cancelled indefinitely due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency. 


Stay safe!



Upcoming Area Runs, Races, and Other Events of Interest:


NOTICE:  All races in this area have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency.