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Of all the different businesses in Madison County, the service companies make up the group that does most of the hiring and which provides the most jobs.

Second largest in terms of employment are the plants and factories, but they only make up about a quarter of the jobs available in the county.

Now come those people in retail trade - the mom & pop groceries, the gas stations, and the clothing and furniture shops. They create about a fifth of the jobs in the county.

Government jobs make up about 10 percent. The rest comes from insurance agencies, banks, real estate agents, and construction.

Check the Madison Chamber of Commerce for a listing of County businesses.

North Carolina

Business License Information Office
N.C. Department of the Secretary of State
301 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919)733-0641 or 1-800-228-8443
Referral source for trademark registration, sales tax, permits and licensing, both wholesale and retail.

Madison County

Madison County
Tax Collectors Office
P.O. Box 351
Marshall NC 28753

Health Department
(Food Service Licensing)
300 Roberts Hill Road
Marshall, NC 28753

Department of Social Services
Under 18 Workers Permits
Main Street
Marshall, NC 28753

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