Churches of Madison County

Madison County Mountains

Madison County is richly diversified in centers of worship. Religion runs deep in the lives of its residents. It is a predominantly Protestant area, the largest group of churches is Baptist. The make-up of churches is as follows:













The following is a list of some of the churches. There are many more, many of which are mission churches that serve small communities throughout the county.


First Baptist Church of Marshall. Main Street. Telephone (704) 649-3151. Parsonage (704) 649 2668 Craig Walker, Pastor

Sunday: Bible Study 10 A M, Worship 11:00 A M.

Children's Service 11:00A M.

Sunday Evening Service at 7:00 P M.

Joint Youth Service with Marshall Presbyterian Sunday at 7:00 P M

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting and Bible Study at 7:00 P M.

Nursery provided at all services.

Calvary Baptist. 299 Bailey Street, Mars Hill. Pastor Vernon Troutman.

Sunday School at 10:00 A M, Church at 11:00 A M.

Wednesday Supper and Bible Study at 6:30 P. M. Choir Practise at 8:00 P M.

Nursery for all services.

Mars Hill Baptist. 101 North Main Street. (704) 689-2911

Pastor Tommy Justus

Sunday Assembly at 9:30 A M. Sunday School at 9:45. Church Service at 11:00.

Contemporary Worship Service the last Sunday of each month at 6:30 P M.

Wednesday evening programs that vary. Supper at 5:30, the program at 6:30.

Our desire is to provide worship experiences the speak to the needs of people and lift us into the presence of God. Our goal is to offer a variety of worship opportunities with in an established faith community.

Mars Hill Baptist supports mission and outreach ventures locally and globally. Examples are Habitat for Humanity, Neighbors In Need, our church's Clothes Closet and trips out of our community. This is an expression of our desire to serve in Christ's name.

Our church has a unique call to minister with college students and the Student Ministries Committee coordinates activities directed toward their needs. We seek to incorporate students into the full life of our congregation, including opportunities to serve.

Christian fellowship abounds at Mars Hill Baptist Church. from our Wednesday night supper and fellowship, church wide-outings, Sunday School get-togethers and projects, committee endeavors and local mission projects. Our church family is faithful to care for each other through the joys and crises of life.


St. Andrew The Apostle. 100 West Brook Street. (704) 689-3719

Fr Edward M. Ifkonvits, S.P.J.

Mass Sunday at 9:00 A M. Call for weekday services.

Chapel of The Redeemer. Highway 25/70 PO Box 7 Hot Springs 28743.

On the grounds of the Jesuit House of Prayer, a Retreat Center open to persons of all faiths.

Church Of God

Ivy Ridge. Rt. 4 Box 270, Marshall

Pastor Winston Lloyd. (704) 689-2674

Spill Corn Rt. 4 Box 311 A, Marshall.

Pastor Olin Rice

Tennaline 100 Upper Shutin Road, Hot Springs.



PO BOX 956, Mars Hill, NC 28754 Phone (704) 689-2517

The Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson - Bishop

The Rev. Susan Sherard - Rector

The Rev. O.C. Edwards - Adjunct Priest



8:30 AM Holy Eucharist, with healing prayers for those who wish them.

10:30 AM Family Eucharist with music, and during the school year, a children's homily.

Nursery program for children two years and under.

1st Wednesday

6:00 PM - Potluck supper

7:00 PM - An informal/innovative worship.

2nd and 4th Wednesdays

8:00 PM - Healing Circle, with prayers, scripture, reflections and laying on of hands, which is led by parish members.


Holy Spirit is an active, member-based parish with numerous opportunities for participation and assistance. Included here is a brief summary of some of our ministries and missions.


Worship Team - Works with the Rector to ensure we offer worship experiences rooted in Episcopal tradition and expressive of the parish's gifts and needs.

Altar Guild - Prepares the altar and sanctuary for all worship services and cares for linens, furniture, and communion-ware.

Choir - Practices weekly for a monthly offering of special music.

Lay Worship Leaders - Assist with leading worship, by leading the Prayers of the People and bearing the chalice.

Lectors - Read the lessons in worship, with strong, clear voices.

Ushers - Help people move through worship as orderly as possible, record attendance and offering amounts.


Church School - A weekly, curriculum-based program during the 10:30 service, after the children's homily and before communion.

EYC - Occasional service projects and fun events for young people grades 6 through 12.


The Rector, Deacon and members of the parish wish to offer assistance and spiritual companionship to those who seek it. This is best accomplished by each of us making our needs known. Appointments to meet with the Rector or to request a home visit can be made Monday through Thursday by calling the parish office. (Please make only emergency calls to the Rector's or Deacon's homes.)

BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS, FUNERALS - These are worship services which require a priest's participation in planning, so please call the Rector before setting dates or planning services.


Any baptized person, from any denomination, can become a member of Holy Spirit when that person is ready to join the parish in its commitment to worship regularly, to pray for the church and the world, to serve those in need, and to support the mission of the church through offerings of money and time. Conversation with the Rector and study of materials about the Episcopal Church are encouraged and offered, without pressure and prodding, to those who request it. Every fifth Sunday, or thereabouts, new members are welcomed with a simple liturgy at the family Eucharist, though participation in the welcoming is not required. Some adult members of the church will want to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church by the Bishop. This is not a requirement, but a response to a call to make a public affirmation.

Full Gospel

Paint Rock Full Gospel Hot Springs (704) 622-3337


Antioch United. Hwy. 25/70 Hot Springs (704) 622-3574

Pastor Will Pruett, who also serves as Pastor for Fairview Methodist and Marshall United Methodist.

Worship at 9:00 A M. Sunday School at 10:00 A.M.

Fairview Methodist 3 miles West of Hot Springs on 25/70

Worship at 10:00 A. M. Sunday School at 11:00 A. M.

Marshall United. Main Street. (704) 649-2756

Worship at 11:00 A.M. Sunday School at 11:00 A. M.

Bright Hope Laurel. Mars Hill. (704) 689-5486

Mars Hill United. Mars Hill. (704) 689-2343


Dorland Memorial Presbyterian. Corner of Meadow lane and Bridge in Hot Springs. (704) 622-3443

Marshall Presbyterian Church on Main Street. (704) 649-3622

Berk Landrum, Pastor

Youth Choir 9:00 A M, Sunday School at 9:45 A M, Church at 11:00 A M.

Nursery for all services.

Once a month Wednesday evening supper and program.

Choir practice Wednesday evening at 7 P M

Youth Fellowship grades 7-12 Sunday 6 P M to 8 P M, held jointly with

The First Baptist Church Youth Group of Marshall.

Neighbors In Need meets at the church Tuesday from 1 to 3.

AA and AlAnon meets Friday at 8 P M.

Mission Statement- Marshall Presbyterian Church is a community of people drawn together by the unconditional nature of God's love in Christ for all people. As disciples of Jesus Christ we strive: to proclaim God's love and forgiveness; to nurture the community as demonstrated by Christ's life; to enable those for whom we are responsible; to grow in Christ's likeness and to be Christ's servant people.

Walnut Presbyterian. Banard Road, Marshall. (704) 649-2327

White Rock Presbyterian. Bill McGill, Pastor. Laurel. (704) 884-9792

Salvation Army

Bonnie Hill Corps. Upper Shut-In Road, Hot Springs. (704) 622-7205

Sleepy Valley Corps. Highway 25-70, Hot Springs. (704)622-7205

Seventh Day Adventist

Walnut Seventh-day Adventist Church

364 Highway 25/70

P. O. Box 699

Marshall, NC 28753

(704) 649-3976

Sabbath (Saturday) Services: Sabbath School 9:10 A. M.

Worship Service 11:00 A. M.

Wednesday Evening Service: Prayer Meeting 6:00 P. M.

In addition to holding weekly services the Walnut Seventh-day Adventist Church conducts programs periodically as a community service. These include complete health checks which involve blood testing, lifestyle evaluation, etc.; vegetarian cooking classes; free home Bible studies and others. The church also maintains an inventory of free literature on many health and Bible topics such as how to stop smoking, overcoming alcohol, preparing for the second coming of Jesus, which day is the Sabbath, knowing Jesus as a personal friend, law and grace, and many others. To obtain literature on a particular topic, or for further information, write: Walnut SDA Church, P.O. Box 699, Marshall, NC 28753; or call (704) 649-3976; or (704) 649-9166; or (704) 622-3248.


About 1948 a branch Sabbath school began in the home of Moss and Evelyn Helton on Stackhouse Road. In 1982 several families began meeting in Walnut. Later, the growing group rented the Penland building across from the old train depot in downtown Marshall. Finally the congregation secured a tract of land and built the present church facility located between Indian Grave Gap Road and the Marshall-Walnut Medical Center.

Principles of Bible Teaching

We Believe . . .

In a personal and supreme God Who is intensely interested in each person.

In Jesus Christ, also called the Word, Who is God manifest in human flesh.

In the Holy Spirit by whom God works in the hearts of men.

In the Bible as the inspired revelation of God's will for man, and as an inspired history of the origin of man and God's dealings with him.

That through Jesus Christ all creation has been created and is sustained. Man is the crowning development of God's creative work.

That Jesus Christ, by taking upon His divine nature the nature of fallen man and experiencing temptation such as man experiences it, qualified Himself to be a High Priest and Mediator for man, whereby He is able to minister grace for cleansing man from sin.

That through His sacrificial atonement at Calvary Christ made forgiveness of sins and salvation possible for all who through repentance, faith, and obedience believe on Him and accept Him.

In the ministry of holy angels to guard and guide people in accordance with God's desires for their salvation.

In the existence of Satan, the arch-enemy of God, who at one time was the highest created being, but who rebelled against God and has continued his rebellion through evil angels and men here on earth.

In baptism by immersion as a symbol of the new birth experience, and as a memorial of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.

That the dead know not anything, and that both righteous and wicked dead are quietly resting in their graves until the time of their resurrection.

In the ordinances of footwashing and the Lord's supper in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice, to be observed till He comes.

That the papacy has thought to change times and laws, substituting Sunday observance for Sabbath observance in which most of the religious world has followed, and introducing many other errors.

That God has given the 7th day Sabbath as a special time of communion with Him,-a time to lay aside temporal cares and labor, and seek the companionship of God. The Sabbath is to be a sign of sanctification.

That in fulfillment of Bible prophesy a great religious awakening swept the world in the early 1800's and resulted in the expectation of the judgment and Christ's second coming to take place about 1844. The judgment did in fact begin, but Christ's second coming did not then take place. Following the disappointment of their expectation those who did not give up their hope recognized the fulfillment of prophecy in their experience and saw another message to be proclaimed to the world,-that of Revelation 14:9-12. This movement and proclamation developed into what became the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

That God has raised up the Seventh-day Adventist church to develop and proclaim the message of Sabbath reform and preparation for Christ's second coming and that this work is symbolized by the three angels of Revelation 14.

In a heavenly sanctuary not built with human hands, after which the earthly tabernacle built by Moses was patterned.

That in 1844 Christ entered into the Most Holy Apartment of the heavenly sanctuary and began the work of investigative judgment and final atonement which close probationary time. This is represented by the Day of Atonement in the sanctuary system anciently.

That our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that the followers of Christ should be a peculiar people carefully controlling their appetites and passions so as to glorify God in their bodies. This means that they will not use alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, and other articles that injure health of mind and body. They should dress modestly, read and speak that which will minister grace and edification.

That the genuine manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit are needed in God's church to bring it to perfection.

That the gift of prophetic inspiration has been manifested in the Seventh-day Adventist church through the ministry and writings of Ellen White.

That we are living in the end of time referred to in the Bible, and that Jesus will soon appear the second time visibly to take those who are faithful among the living and the resurrected dead to spend 1000 years in heaven with Him after which the earth will be recreated and all the redeemed will inhabit it.

That for a brief period of time following the close of human probation, but before the visible second coming of Christ, there will be a time of trouble in which the terrible plagues described in Revelation will take place. During this time there will be no intercessor between God and man; there will be no more opportunity for salvation.

In the final destruction of Satan, his evil angels, sin and sinners at the end of the 1000 years. The redeemed will enjoy the companionship of God, of angels, of one another, and have unlimited time and opportunity to develop every useful capability and ambition through eternity.