McDowell Amateur Radio Association
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DX cluster
DX gray line
The DXer
DX Summit
144 Mhz Propagation Logger
World Wide Ham Call Sign server
QRZ callsign database
W5YI resources
QSL manager lookup
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
Current NOAA Solar Data
Amateur Radio And DX Reference Guide
QTH Grid finder; Uses Google Earth
FCC Callsign database


HT antenna counter poise --  KI4ZUI
Deployable J Pole - dual band --  KI4ZUI
US Marine Corps Antenna Hand Book
WA7BNM Contest Calendar

Hamfest Calendar

Charlotte   Mar 10-11, 2007
Catawba Valley - Morganton  Apr 21, 2007
Western Carolina ARS - Waynesville  July 28
Shelby  Sept
Gray TN   Oct 20

Radio Programming Soft Ware --  Shared by club members
FCC Site/Frequency query
TV audio, CB, FRS, portable phone
Public Service Frequencies Reference
Public Service Frequencies  -- Avery county
Public Service Frequencies --  McDowell county
Public Service Frequencies --  Mitchell county
All Frequencies --  Mitchell county
Public Service Frequencies --  Yancey county Public Service Freq.html
All Frequencies --  Yancey county
W.C.A.R.S  list of area repeaters
Yahoo Groups

McDowell Amateur Radio Association
CERT Team Communications
Winlink 2000 for Disaster Recovery/Emergency Preparedness
Airmail and Winlink user group
Radio Modifications
Design Tools

RF solutions in a spread sheet
Microphone connections
Battery Care
Service Events

Burnsville Metric Bike tour, 2007