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Look Mom! AWARDS That Nature Notebook Has Won.
Actual people who have visited my site. See? You're not alone.
Plus... they
liked it!

I am proud of each of these awards. None are auto-sponders or sites that offer an award for a link-back.

Webmaster Award - Excellent Site

October 1st, 1999

You know, my first
two awards were diamonds and gold... Either i'm now married to this project, or else web awards have become the jewelry of the internet. Oh look dahlinks! >flash< >flash<


The Golden Carrot Award - 24K

October 2nd, 1999


Princess' Award for Website Excellence

October 4th, 1999


The Critical Mass Award

October 6th, 1999


Excellent Nature Page Award

October 9th, 1999

Choice Award for Web Excellence 1999
October 5th, 1999


October 6th, 1999
I am particularly fond of this award because Jerry awards it to sites that " support individual exploration of the rightness of the human condition and it's potential." I have a strongly spiritual side that i didn't realize was showing.

Circles of Light Website Award

The Omega Award
October 10th, 1999
Omega Web Search did not originally issue an award, citing my misspelling of the word 'i' on nearly every page (do i talk about myself THAT much? Guess so), but after hearing my explanation of why i don't capitalize it except at the beginning of a sentence, they not only reconsidered, but agreed!

The Wrinkled Brain Award

October 11th, 1999

The Indiscriminate Reader Achievement Award

October 17th, 1999

Excellence in Web Design - Silver

October 25th, 1999

3Moons Award for Originality
October 30th, 1999

I applied for the 3Moons Award and Lauranna respectfully turned me down. After working on the site hard to increase style and decent content, she reassessed it and awarded me this award. I am proud of it because she's a tough cookie and is discriminating. I've looked at some of her other award winners, and I'm in good company! I'm also hoping that she's recognizing a diamond in the rough, and that i can live up to her expectations.

www.bergkamp-net.com silver award

October 31st, 1999

Queenie's Lyon Pride Award
November 1st, 1999

Gadzillion Award for Creative Thought

November 1st, 1999

The Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude
November 2nd, 1999

Art of the Pro Web Award

November 8th, 1999

The Wildlife Tracker Award of Excellence
November 10th, 1999
I am proud of this award because of the degree to which they emphasize content over flash, and because this site was chosen over 300 other sites (and probably some darn good ones in there!)


I think just being nominated is an honor...

Nem5 Award Nominee
November 11th 1999


And i took home the bronze! <cue crowd surge> You know, not only do i get to be selected in the finals, but it leaves me with room for improvement! <wink>

Nem5 Web Maggic Bronze Award

November 14th 1999


Badger's Pick of the Day
Pick of the Day for
November 15th 1999



Outstanding Acheivement Award from Havenhood

November 17th 1999

This award was a pleasure to win, because Diane, Chris and Ray tell you exactly what they did and didn't like about my (your) site. The great thing about this is not only do i win an award, but have very specific details about how to improve my site. Three cheers for three people committed to making the web a better place!

(Next, I'm gonna try and figure out what the pictured guy is standing on and what's floating around his/her head.)

Planetpals Clean Planet Award

November 19th 1999

Jewel of the Web Award

November 29th 1999

Internet Bronze 2000 - Best of the Web

November 30th 1999

Marie's Award of Excellence

December 7th 1999

Also, Affiliations that WNC Nature Notebook is associated with.

I try to keep it simple

National Audubon Society

AAA Matilda United States

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