Master Plant List




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Agaric - A mushroom with gills on the underside of its cap

Basidium - The club-shaped cell where spores are produced by mushrooms of the subdivision Ascomycotina. Plural is Asci.

Bolete - A fleshy mushroom of the subdivision Basidiomycotina which has a tubelike layer on the undersurface of its cap rather than gills and appears as a many-holed surface.

Bruising - Fungi that change colors when handled, even carefully.

Button - The immature stage of a mushroom before its cap opens.

Cap - The top or head of a mushroom.

Capillitium - Small threads that are mixed with the spores and spore cases of some puffbals and slime molds.

Cluster - A group of mushrooms rising together from nearly the same spot, usually touching or attached at the base.

Cup - The saclike tissue at the stalk base of some mushrooms when the veil ruptures, looking like an egg that the mushroom is growing from.

Cuticle - The surface cell layer of a mushroom.

Depressed - Sunken.

Descending - Running down the stalk, usually in reference to gills.

Disc - The central portion of the cap.

Evanescent - Disappearing quickly.

Fairy ring - A circle or portion of a circle of gilled mushrooms or puffballs arising from a mycelium that expands outward from a central point.

Flesh - The interior tissue of a mushroom.

Free - Unattached to the stalk, usually in reference to the gills.

Fruiting body - The reproductive portion of a fungus which usually appears above ground.

Fungus - An organism that lacks chlorophyll and posseses spores. Originally considered a part of the plant kingdom.

Gill - One of the fleshy plates that radiate from the stem on the underside of the cap of many mushrooms.

Hymenium - The spore-bearing surface.

Hypha - One of the filament-like threads that make up the body of a fungus.

Incurved - Rolled or bent inward.

Lateral - Attached at the edge, usually in reference to stalks that are attached this way to caps.

Margin - The outer edge of a mushroom cap.

Mushroom - The fruiting body of a fungus.

Mycelium - The vegetative portion of a fungus.

Mycology - The study of fungi.

Mycorrhiza - A symbiotic association between a fungus and the root-ends of rooted plants.

Parasitic - Living in or on another animal or plant and deriving food from it.

Partial veil - A tissue that covers and protects the immature gills or tubes of some mushrooms.

Pore - The opening or end of the tube in boletes and polypores where spores leave the mushroom.

Rhizomorph - A cordlike strand of mycelium at the base of a mushroom.

Ring - The remnants left by a partial veil after it has ruptured, remaining on the stalk.

Ring zone - The remnants left on a stalk by a thin or cobwebby partial veil after it has ruptured.

Saprophyte - An organism that takes nourishment from dead organic matter.

Shelf-like - Without a stalk, generally growing from woody surfaces.

Solid - Filled with dense flesh.

Spore - The reproductive unit in a fungus.

Stipe - The stem of a mushroom.

Symbiont - An organism that lives in a mutally beneficial relationship, or symbiosis with another organism.

Toadstool - A popular, but undefined term for a mushroom. May also imply a poisonous mushroom.

Tube - A hollow cylinder that contains the basidia where spores are produced in boletes and polypores.

Universal veil - A tissue that encloses the entire immature stage of some mushrooms.

Veil - A tissue that covers and protects the immature stage of some some mushrooms. Referred to as a universal veil when it encloses the entire immature mushroom, and a partial veil when it covers only the gills or tubes.

Volva - A saclike cup or tissue surrounding the stalk base, left after the universal veil has ruptured.

Zoned - Having distinct bands.



" - Inches

' - Feet