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Tree-time is much slower than our time. Most times before they mosey off to bed for the winter, the forest's trees have a party. They invite the kids. They dress up in a way that expresses the way their day has been, and show off for us. Yea, yea, i know it's really the breakdown of chlorophyll to allow tannins and other compounds to be seen, but it's a pretty show, nevertheless. Trees probably aren't that concerned with the properties that make for showy conditions, but we are. We talk about it like the weather.


Blah Blah


Sasafrass this year really liked to show off. One thing that i learned from this tree was the role that light itself plays on the advancement of color. On the three-sided leaf below, it's pretty apparent that being in the shadow of the leaf above it, made the chlorophyll break down much more slowly (i'm presuming), and that changed the way the leaf turned. There's almost a full impression of the mitten leaf right on it.

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