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OBSERVATION: Mycologist Wannabe

All may not be as it seems. When you have a field guide to mushrooms, you start seeing the things about everywhere!


Here, not far from an Blue Ridge Parkway overlook, i chance upon some form of fungal mass that none of my mushroom books seemed to be able to identify. Is it the undiscovered Serpula zenii?? Maybe a form of Dry-rot (the Coniophoraceae family), but drier and no visible rhizomorphs.

NO! After photographic it, poking it with a stick, it hit me... It's a wad of toilet paper after sitting in the rain for the past week. Yukka, p-thooey!



I don't know, honestly. But i do know, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Better to keep an open mind and avoid spots that are obviously wood-toilets. Luckily, i didn't get TOO far with investigation (such as smelling it).

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