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What You Can Do


If you are concerned about the prison industrial complex and live in Asheville consider volunteering with Asheville Prison Books.  You can contact us at prisonbooks31@hotmail.com or stop by Downtown Books and News.  We meet once a week for two or three hours filling requests and packaging books. 

Donate Money  

We spend over eighty dollars a week on postage alone.  Mailing books to prisoners is what monetary donations to Asheville Prison Books are used for.  Please consider making a donation if at all possible.  We have a collection jar at Downtown Books and News.  Donations can also be mailed to, 67 N Lexington Ave.  Asheville, NC 28801.  Checks should be made payable to Asheville Prison Books.   We also hold benefits periodically.  If you live in Asheville and are interested in helping Prison Books have a benefit please contact us! 

Donate Books

Donated books are what enable us to mail reading materials to prisoners.  Without free books Asheville Prison Books would not have a library from which to work.  We are always in need of books, especially Dictionaries and Legal Aid materials.  Another source of income for Prison Books is through donated materials.  Books that we will not mail to prisoners can be sold to local bookstores in exchange for store credit or cash.  If you have books you would like to donate you can contact us or drop them in our collection box outside the French Broad Food Co-op in downtown Asheville.