Who We Are          

What We Believe

What You Can Do                                                           Asheville Prison Books Program

Prisoners Resource                                                                         67 N. Lexington Ave.

Prison Statistics                                                                                Asheville, NC 28801

Links                                                                                          prisonbooks31@hotmail.com


    Asheville Prison Books Program is an all volunteer run non-profit

 organization that meets weekly in order to mail free reading

 material to indigent inmates in facilities in North Carolina, South Carolina,

 Georgia and Tennessee.  Each prisoner request is met with a package containing several books,

 personally selected by volunteers out of our donated library, a letter and

 if requested, a National Prisoners Resource List.

  We try to full all the requests we can at a time.

  We are limited in that our shipping costs often exceed our

 monetary resources.  If you are interested in donating to APB please click here.