A. Romans 15:4 - The Old Testament is a rich source of
      excellent lessons.
      1. This is especially true in character studies.
      2. When we examine the lives of the spiritual giants of old,
         many important and profitable lessons can be learned.
      3. They encourage us to persevere, bring comfort to our
         hearts, and cause us to rejoice in our hope.
   B. In this lesson we want study about Caleb, a man who wholly
      followed the Lord.

I. Most of what we learn about Caleb is revealed in Numbers 13
   and 14.
   A. He was one of the twelve spies who were chosen.
      1. Each spy was selected because he was "every one a
         leader among them."  Num. 13:1-3
      2. Thus, Caleb was well respected by the people.
   B. He was a man of courage.
      1. He accepted the difficult and dangerous assignment to
         spy out the land.  Num. 13:17-21
      2. He encouraged the people to immediately go up and take
         the land.  Num 13:30-33
      3. He held to his faith and convictions in the face of bitter
         opposition.  Num. 14:1-10
   C. He was a man of faith and complete trust in God.  Num. 14:8
      1. This was the key to his success.
   D. God was very angry with the Israelites because of their lack
      of faith and rebellion.
      1. He wanted to destroy all of them but Moses intercedes. 
         Num. 14:15-19
      2. God says that Caleb and Joshua will go in and inherit the
         land.  Num. 14:28-32
         a. Moses often repeated this promise that was made to
            them.  Num. 32:11-12; Deut. 1:34-36
      3. When the children of Israel were numbered the second
         time forty years later, all those from twenty years old
         and upward had died, except Caleb and Joshua.  Num.
      4. In their first battle with the Canaanites, the Israelites did
         not loose a single man.  Num. 31:48-49
         a. Remember, the ten spies said they were not able to
            go against the enemy because they were stronger
            than them.  Num. 13:31
         b. Caleb and Joshua tried to persuade the people that
            God would be with them and help them to defeat
            their enemies.  Num. 14:8-9
         c. God was truly with them.  How often do people go
            out to battle and not loose a single soldier?

II.   Many years later, after the forty years of wandering, Caleb
      receives his inheritance.  Num. 14:6-15
   A. Verse 10 - This shows how long they were in taking and
      dividing the land.
   B. Verse 11 - Physical blessings, as well as spiritual, are given
      when one serves the Lord.
      1. To live to a "good old age" is a blessing from the Lord. 
         Gen. 15:15; 1 Chron. 29:28
   C. Verse 12 - This verse is significant.
      1. The very people and land the other ten spies said they
         could not conquer, becomes the place of choice for
      2. He relies on God - "..As the Lord said" - to conquer the
         a. Thus, he trusted God and called on Him to help.
   D. Verses 13-14
      1. Caleb trusted God and was blessed by receiving the
         object of his hope.
      2. He had to wait a long time (45 years), but it eventually

III.  What lessons can we learn from the life of Caleb?  What
      applications can be made?
   A. A lesson in character.  Caleb was first and foremost a man of
      God.  Such character is sorely needed in our generation.
      1. Courage; he was not afraid of the giants.  2 Tim. 1:7
      2. Dedication; his life was as a job well done.  2 Tim. 4:15
         a. Notice what happened to the other ten spies, Num.
      3. Faith and trust in God.  "...The Lord is with us.  Do not
         fear them."  Num. 14:9.  Rom. 8:31,37
   B. We're going to face our own giants.  We have our own
      mountains to conquer.
      1. They will take various forms: a personal weakness;
         possibly an addiction of some sort; a difficult task of
         some kind; a door of opportunity that has been opened.
         a. How can I be strong and courageous like Caleb? 
            Eph. 3:16; Eph. 6:10-17
   C. We need to wholly trust God and rely on His promises.  Heb.
      11:6; Ruth 2:12; Matt. 6:33; 2 Pet. 1:4
   D. It takes time, but eventually the object of our hope will come. 
      Titus 1:2; Heb. 3:6; 6:11-12
      1. We, too, need to fully rely on God.  2 Thess. 2:16-17

   A. With God on our side, we can face any giant and conquer any
      1. With Him on our side, we can face them with courage
         and confidence.
   B. We must follow Caleb's example and follow the Lord fully.
      1. We can't hold back; we can't doubt; we can't waver.
   C. Within a few short years, we, too, will receive the object of
      our hope.  1 Pet. 4:19