About Spring Creek

Spring Creek is felt to be the Heart of Heaven located in Township 8 in Madison County of the Western North Carolina Mountains. Township 8 also includes Meadow Fork, Bluff, and Shut In communities.

According to one born and raised on the creek, we were named after Hannah’s Spring, located on this side of the top of Betsy’s Gap on Hwy 209 from Waynesville. This community spring was used by all those traveling across Betsy’s Gap by foot, or by other rare means. Water flowing from the spring created a path down the mountain. Other springs flowed into this path and on into the main creek along Hwy 209 into Hot Springs where it connects to the French Broad River. Over time this creek came to be called “the spring’s creek.”

Those traveling across the gap, “...came into this torturous, tangled land of mountains, not so much as to begin a new life as to continue the old one without interference. A difficult people, neither kings nor presidents ruled them. To a hard land came a hearty race. Fierce people, their spirit was of eagles....” So if you have come to our community to develop large tracts of land for multi-million dollar homes on small lots, pollute our streams and springs, and take what we have and give back nothing, you have come to the wrong place.
Our forefathers’ descendants and those of the same mind and heart created a quiet community tucked away in hollers and coves near the mountains of the Pisgah National Forest.

We honor our neighbors as they become our friends and we don’t talk about our friends. Nor will we allow them to fall as we support them the best we can by uniting as one community to aid financially with suppers and benefits, chopping wood, bringing in meals, running errands, or just sitting as friend and companion.

We are vigilant in maintaining the eco-systems in our surrounding areas as the wild animals enjoy our back yards. Our farmers work to keep the wild 4-leggeds and the weeds from encroaching on their organic gardens. You may even see us rocking on our front porch or kneeling in our flower beds. Just honk and wave; we can be friendly.

The mountains embrace us and provide the silence needed to quiet and mend the soul. We keep our springs clean for they may be used for our gardens and our bodies. In return we listen to the wisdom of their songs as they pass over ancient stones. This is the place where the wind whispers to you as it passes through the leaves of colors found only on an artist’s palette.

Please honor our privacy, our homes, and our environment as you visit our area. If you build a home or a life among new friends, you will give back to our community when using the local businesses in this directory. Using the talents of your neighbors, you will provide a means for these diverse people to stay in Spring Creek, as well as giving them the opportunity to give back to you.

We look forward to your enriching our community.

We thank Lady for all her help in getting this web site up to date and for doing the Spring Creek Directory.

For local lore and history a copy of the Spring Creek Cemetery Survey, published in 2005, can be purchased from:
Ethel Meadows Kirkpatrick
16275 Hwy. 209

Our community is as strong as our corps of volunteers. To volunteer hours or make monetary donations, please contact the following:

Spring Creek Com. Ctr., Layten Davis 622-3486

VFD Fire Chief, Shannon Allen Cell: 828-691-0705
Library - Veda Davis 622-3486

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For welcoming packages and additions or changes to the directory, please contact either:

Lady at 622-0241 or email: ladysm@hughes.net
Trudi at 622-3501 or email: seeinthemtns@yahoo.com