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Has seen damage of mascots first hand

Asheville Citizen-Times
POSTED: May 7, 2002 5:57 p.m.

Thank you so very much for the editorial on ending the use of Indians as mascots. As a parent of Indian children who have been subjected to absolute harassment over this issue, with "war whoops" done until the Indian child cries, insistence that the Indian child is not a real Indian because they don't look like the mascots, etc., (and it does go on and on) I can assure you that for children this is a real issue, and an important one. The adults need to understand that in order to grow up mentally healthy a good understanding of one's identity and the opportunity to build self-esteem is of primary importance. This is all about children; the alumni are supposed to be grown up and able to handle change. Thank you again, we do appreciate your understanding and help.

Pat Merzlak,

Moshieim, Tenn.

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