Governors' Interstate Indian Council
August 28, 1998   Meeting in
Raleigh, North Carolina
Resolution Number 1-98
Native American Mascots

WHEREAS, the Governors' Interstate Indian Council (GIIC) is a national
organization established in 1949 by what is now the National Governors'
Association to promote and enhance government relations between Tribal
Nations and the states, to respect and recognize the individual sovereignty
of the Tribal Nations and the states, to support the preservation of
traditional Indian culture, language, and values, and to encourage
socioeconomic development aimed at tribal self-sufficiency, and;

WHEREAS, as demonstrated by Resolution number 4-91, previously
accepted by this organization, GIIC recognition of this issue has been
established, and;

WHEREAS, the use of Native American slogans and symbols as mascots
are often viewed as derogatory, demeaning, and disrespectful to American
Indian/Alaska Native people, and;

WHEREAS, the numerous public schools, sports teams, and businesses
use American Indian/Alaskan Native Mascots in their slogans and/or
symbols, and;

WHEREAS, there is a tremendous need for American Indians/Alaskan
Natives to address this issue on a national basis,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Governors' Interstate
Indian Council at its 49th Annual Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina,
August 23 through 27, 1998, reaffirms its previously established view and
encourages all public schools, sports teams, and private businesses to
discontinue using Native American mascots in their slogans and/or