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November 2, 2000

Mr. Hubert J. Wood, President
Rhododendron Royal Brigade of Guards
12 Hemlock Road
Biltmore Forest, NC 28803

Dear Mr. Wood:

Dr. Norris Crigler gave me your name and said he had passed along the material I had sent to him which included my June 13, 2000 letter addressed generically to "The President" of the RRBG.

Our organization has a long track record of shining a public spotlight on situations which contribute negatively to the community, from the presence of national white supremacists in our community (see attached memo recently added to our web page), to exposure of the misuse of the City's watershed property by the Black Mountain Rod & Gun Club, to earlier controversies about the membership/guest practices at the Biltmore Forest Country Club and the RRBG Debutante Club. Usually once there's a resolution to a situation, we don't have to go back to re-galvanize public awareness of a concern, and thus we regret to see that the RRBG appears to be moving in that backward direction.

As my letter and its enclosures indicated, there was an agreement between WNCCEIB and the RRBG that until the RRBG made its membership more accessible (by letting people know how to join and what the qualifications are, etc.) and until the RRBG put into practice its new non-discrimination policy, there would be no publicity in the local media about the club's activities. I wrote my letter in June after RRBG debutante pictures were in the paper assuming that the new leadership may not know about that history or agreement.

As the time is drawing near for selections for next year's debutantes, I hope you will let me know your Board's decision regarding resuming the agreement or continuing to seek publicity for the club's events. Please let me know your decision and thinking or let me know if I may make a presentation to your Board on the advantages to our community of the RRBG changing its qualifications or, at a minimum, keeping its activities to itself. Thank you.


Monroe Gilmour


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