Aug 25, 1997 File Memo describing visit of Kiwanis Carolinas District Governor

File Memorandum

Subject: NC Kiwanis Dt. Gov. Tom Dimmock's visit Monday Aug 25, 1997
Date: Aug. 25, 1997

Tom (whom I have known before) arrived from Raleigh about 4:35 pm and said he had to leave in 45 minutes to give a Kiwanis speech and then return to Raleigh tonight.

We walked up the mountain & talked about family and other things for 15 minutes then sat on the deck.

My main point is that Kiwanis has not responded adequately and should do a professional study.

After much back and forth, talking about success stories, and the Task Force report etc., he acknowledged that it could have been handled better. Other points:

He left about 5:50 pm and we said we'd stay in touch.