Parents Concerned With The Negative Impacts Of The Kiwanis Terrific Kids Program

September 30, 1995
PO Box 1341
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Mr. Jamie Brame, Chair, Terrific Kid Program
Black Mountain Kiwanis Club
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Re: Terrific Kid Evaluation Request

Dear Mr. Brame,
As discussed when one of our group talked with you recently, enclosed is a copy of the article our committee has put together summarizing our experience and concerns with the Terrific Kid(TK) program. Attached to it are several individual statements from parents about their specific experiences.
We request that the Black Mountain Kiwanis Club move quickly to initiate and sponsor an outside professional evaluation of the TK program, not only to address the concerns we raise but because any program of this importance and magnitude deserves to be evaluated systematically.
We are sharing this letter with Mr. Carlton Smith because TK is recognized as his baby and we think he, more than anyone else, will be concerned to see that TK is accomplishing its goals without the unintended hurtful results we recount. We think with both your and Carlton's support and energy, the possibility for such an evaluation by the local, district, and/or international Kiwanis will be enhanced. We hope that, if Kiwanis initiates the evaluation, it will be carried out by a university or educational consulting group whose background and work experience will ensure credibility, objectivity, and a high level of professionalism.
We will be happy to meet with you and any others you suggestto discuss this article and our experiences.
Thank you again for your concern and let me re-emphasize that each of us values very much the Kiwanis Club's interest in our children, our school, and our community. We know that Kiwanis wants what is best for all children and that your members are probably unaware of the concerns raised here. We conclude that the proposed evaluation will ensure that the TK program's unintended painful impacts are ameliorated even as the intended good results are celebrated.

Best regards,

Comittee of Parents Concerned About
The Terrific Kid Program

cc: Carlton Smith

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