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WNCCEIB's Purpose

WNCCEIB works to eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and hate activity throughout the mountain region of western North Carolina.  Our work includes assisting victims of hate crimes,  monitoring the activities of hate groups,  ensuring the public is informed about hate activity in the region,   and working with regional institutions on diversity issues. Click here for additional background on WNCCEIB . To find specific information in this web site, use this Google search engine or click on the appropriate links below:

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American Indian Sports Mascot Issue
      North Carolina Overview Includes State Board and other official actions, locations of mascot schools, and other relevant state-wide information
     Clyde A. Erwin High School/Bucombe County, NC
Including history(1997--2002), Squaws, Warriors, US Justice Dept. probe, and wider impact

Kirk D. Lyons/Confederate flag/Southern Legal Resource Center Incorporator of the CAUSE Foundation and Incorporator and Chief Trial Attorney for the Southern Legal Resource Center(SLRC)

Other Issues and Activity including:
Hate Crimes
Militia Groups
KKK Activity
White Supremacy Organizations

Employment Discrimination against Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender(GLBT) people
Wolf Laurel Ski Resort in Madison County, NC cancels contract with photographers

Asheville's All-white debutante club issue
"Rhododendron Royal Brigade of Guards" debutante club sends a poor message to community

Biltmore Forest Country Club issue
US Women's Amateur Golf Championship Aug 9-14, 1999

Miscellaneous Issues not related to above hate activity

Kiwanis Terrific Kids Program: While not related to white supremacy or hate activity, WNCCEIB has worked to rectify an educational program that had good intentions but due to design and implementation flaws hurts children in the fifty states and seventy-four countries where Kiwanis International sponsors the program. The negative impact on many of the children served is contrary to Kiwanis' own goals and the schools' own curricula. Your awareness and involvement in changing this program if it is in your area would be valuable to the quality of education in your local schools. This detrimental program continues in several Buncombe County Public Schools and hundreds of others across our nation.

Asheville Watershed logging proposal, 2004 Asheville, NC's 22,000 acre protected watershed faced the possibility of commercial logging in the name of road maintenance and wildlife habitat improvement. Through community efforts, this ill-conceived plan was stopped. This link will give you the background.


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