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WNCCEIB's Letter to New York Times Editor concerning Kirk Lyons and the SCV (unpublished)

Re:  Dec. 8, 2001   "Member's Racist Ties Split Confederate Legacy Group" by Kevin Sack   A-9

To The Editor, NYT
    Th controversy within the Sons of Confederate Veterans(SCV) over member Kirk Lyons' connections to white supremacists says much about that organization today. (NTY 12/5/01)  Not only was Lyons married in the Idaho Aryan Nation church by the head of AR, as your story revealed, but the best man at his wedding was client and former Grand Dragon of the Texas KKK, Louis Beam.  Far from being the objective outsider he purports, Lyons has been an insider in the national white supremacist movement. For him to pretend otherwise appears ludicrous to  those of us who have tracked his activities over the last decade.
    The issue, however,  is not Kirk Lyons himself but the fawning over him by misguided members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who, by their association with him,  are moving quickly toward lumping their organization in with the KKK and other hate groups . 
    Our web site (www.main.nc.us/wncceib/) provides ample documentation of Lyons' anti-Semitic and pro-KKK actions to persuade any prudent observer. Putting blinders on by the SCV to what many of its own members are trying to say belies that organization's 'heritage' facade.
Monroe Gilmour
Monroe Gilmour, Coordinator
Western N.C. Citizens For An End To Institutional Bigotry
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