WNCCEIB note: What follows is a translation from German of an interview with Kirk Lyons in the German neo-nazi skinhead 'fanzine' Volkstreue in 1992-93:

"The Lawyer of the Right:
    Kirk Lyons"

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Kirk Lyons is Fred Leuchter's defence lawyer. In the following interview, we report the case in more detail.

To avoid any misunderstanding by "our green friends" (the police - @' ' -), this interview is only for information purposes and is not identical with the opinion of the magazine's publishers.

Q 1 : Please tell us briefly about the case of Fred Leuchter.

Lyons: Fred Leuchter is a research engineer and scientist. He is also the world's leading expert in execution techniques.

After investigating the execution and burning installations in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Maidanek, he drew the scientific conclusion that these installations could not have been used for gassing human beings. Also, the crematoria did not have the capacity to burn the number of bodies that have been claimed.

The results of Leuchter's report were a campaign of lies and the destruction of his reputation and existence by Jewish interest groups who wanted revenge. The state of Massachusetts tried in vain to throw Leuchter into prison. Now we want to hit back. We want to punish those who ruined Leuchter by brining them to court and demanding compensation. This also gives us a unique opportunity to put the Holocaust on trial in the USA. Unfortunately, this is very expensive because we will need witnesses from all over the world. And, the accused Jews will fight to the bitter end. But we have to go on with it. This case is too important to be ignored ....

Q 2 : Why did you accept the post of lawyer for the defence ?

Lyons: Because my conscience would not let me do anything else. I regard the case as one of the most important in the world and I couldn't just stand by and let a decent human being be fed to the vultures.

Q 3 What's happening in the case now ? Do you think you'll win ?

Lyons: At the moment, the case is being examined and I cannot say definitely where it's up to. We will need about 4 years and $250,000. But, I believe we have a good chance to win. We are asking the ********* (exactly as in text -, ) for $20,000 damages.

What do the Americans think about the Holocaust ?

I think that 20% of Americans question the Holocaust. Twenty per cent believe in it passionately and the rest just don't care. Unfortunately that 20% who believe in it are the ones with the power at the moment.

Q 5 : How is the situation in the USA with the police and the left now ?

Lyons: The Left is no problem in the USA. They've been in a bad way since about a decade ago when they lost their strength because the Jews deserted them and became new conservatives.The police are the big problem. In the USA we've got more police than the USSR had. The Justice Department and the police authorities exercise a reign of terror against nationalistic groups and Right-wing grotips and their leaders have become targets for persecution based on fictitious allegations and have been jailed.

Q 6 : Are you a member of any political Organisation ?

Lyons:I am not a member of any political Organisation, nor is it necessary for me. I am a lawyer and leader of the C.A.U.S.E. Foundation. C.A.U.S.E. stands for Canada, Australia, USA, South Africa and Europe. We are a law foundation which fights in court rooms for the rights of nationalist-thinking groups. We try to build an international network of lawyers to fight a common enemy. We publish a monthly briefing called The Balance. This is available for a $40 donation.

Q 7 : What experiences did you have during your journey through Germany ? What do you think about the nationalist movement here in Germany ?

Lyons: All my travels through Germany were very pleasant. Everywhere, I was met with hospitality. I made many useful contacts for the future. I met several nationalisticafly-thinking lawyers and spoke in ten different cities. I am impressed. by the quality of the people I found in the nationalist movement in Germany. I am also impressed by the fact that the majority of your movement is comparatively young (18-25 years old). With such a number of young people, I see good chances for the success of the movement. After visiting Germany, I think that the movement here is better organised and more disciplined than similar groups in the USA.

Q 8 : What do you think of the Ku Klux Klan ?

Lyons:I have great respect for the Klan historically but, sadly, the Klan today is ineffective and sometimes even destructive. 'nere are many spies in it and most of its best leaders have left the Klan to do more effective work within the movement.

It would be good if the Klan followed the advice of former Kiansman Robert Miles : "Become invisible. Hang the robes and hoods in the cupboard and become an underground Organisation." This would make the Klan stronger than ever before.

Because of the reasons I mentioned before, I think that the Klan would be just as useless in Germany. The man who is mainly responsible for the success of-the Klan in Germany -- Denis Mahon - has left the Klan. also, the Klan is a foreign Organisation in Germany. For that reason, I don't think the Klan has a future in Germany.

Your movement should rely on German traditions, culture and Volkstum for its inspiration. I would encourage you to work together with nationalist-thinking organisations in other countries, but I see no need to import a backward and failed experiment into Germany. I know that many Germans Re the Klan and don't want to hear any serious criticism of it, but I can prove everything I've said with facts. And, I'm prepared to answer any question connected with the theme. lynaziinterview3

Q 9 : What do you think about (A) democracy and freedom of speech, (B) the latest riots between niggers and whites in the USA, (C) Europe and (D) the second edition of Volkstreue ?

Lyons: (A) Democracy is a farce and a failure. I don't believe in democracy. Freedom of speech is a worthy right that was handed over, in cowardly fashion, by the majority of our people to the government. The fight for freedom of speech is the main aim of the Foundation. The right to free speech is a principle worth dying for.

(B) The latest riots between Negroes and whites are only a prelude to the coming racial civil war in America.

(C) Europe is the land Of my forefathers. White Americans are nothing else than Europeans planted somewhere else. We are cousins. We share common origins, Volkstum and culture. We are in a common fight against a common enemy. Your future as a people is connected with our futur. We should work together and respect each other's differences and march with equal rights to victory without mixing up local and regional cultures.

(D) I liked your magazine completely and look forward to your next edition.

Q 10 : What are your political wishes for the future ?

I don't think there is enough paper to print the whole answer but my short-term aim is to stop the persecution of nationalist-thinking groups, to smash internationalism and to give our children a chance for the future.

Q 11 :What's happening with Ernst Ziindel ?

Lyons: The Canadian Supreme Court has not yet decided. So, Ernst is still free. The fight goes on!

Q 12 : Do you have anything to add to the interview ?

Lyons: Yes, you do good work ... continue that way. I am looking to seeing you all in Germany again. I liked the tape Wir singen very much.

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