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7/31 - NEW DoE assists Native tribes with renewable energy projects
7/31 - NEW First new species of canid discovered in 150 years
7/31 - NEW UK's denial of six-month business visa to Ai Weiwei under review
7/31 - NEW Garbage and recycling surveillance on the radar of the ACLU
7/30 - Prestigious Man Booker 2015 longlist revealed
7/30 - Photo essay on Obama's ancestral home reveals human landscape of optimism and struggle
7/30 - Colorado county's education board members stir debate over proposed revisions to AP history courses
7/30 - Harry Potter superfan turns her powers to creating inclusive fan conference spaces
7/29 - Non-lethal traps set in Milwaukee to capture 'lion-like' animal spotted recently
7/29 - Hawaiians confront agrochemical companies over pollution of Kauai
7/29 - Peruvian government attempts formal contact with isolated clan of the Mashco Piro Indians
7/29 - Compounded crises threaten 'salad bowl of the world'
7/28 - First female coach joins NFL team
7/28 - Apache activists open for Neil Young during his latest tour
7/28 - Blue butterfly discovered by Nabokov makes partial comeback after 20 years of work
7/27 - NC library one of 203 to receive national grant to highlight Latino American history and culture
7/27 - Thirty-five women appear on cover on NY Magazine to put faces to accusers of Bill Cosby
7/27 - Eight First Nations in Canada face legal challenge for lack of compliance with financial transparency act
7/27 - Two companies collaborate to expand images of women that challenge stereotypes
7/26 - Ocean acidification is harming important plankton systems
7/26 - Tillis injects politics into veteran's health bill
7/26 - McConnell sets up another vote to repeal Obamacare
7/26 - Huckabee says Obama's Iran negotiations marching Israelis 'to the doors of the ovens'
7/25 - Reports say Syria continues to develop chemical weapons
7/25 - Polling: Sanders does better than Clinton in swing states
7/25 - Trump bans Iowa's biggest newspaper from event for calling him 'feckless blowhard'
7/25 - Despite GOP fear-mongering, voter fraud 'exceedingly rare' in NC
7/24 - US Army doesn't want armed civilians 'guarding' their recruiting centers
7/24 - Pharmacies can not cite religion to deny medication to clients, appeals court rules
7/24 - San Francisco could be hit by major earthquake any day, says USGS scientist
7/24 - Chomsky: How America's great university system is being destroyed
7/23 - Thousands flee new flooding in China
7/23 - SC's Catawba Indian Reservation to build 350 million film studio near Charlotte
7/23 - Nine NC GOP lawmakers leave budget deliberations behind to attend Koch Bros.' ALEC conf. in sunny California
7/23 - NC GOP lawmaker offers plan to further delay action on EPA rules
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