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12/04 - NEW Construction of Dakota Access pipeline to be halted in victory for protesters
12/04 - NEW KKK no-shows at its own rally in NC
12/04 - NEW Trump's potential conflicts have a precedent in Berlusconi's Italy
12/04 - NEW Trump's Taiwan call exposes his inexperience, China's state media say
12/04 - NEW Claim of voting machine tampering in Wisconsin unlikely, Snopes says
12/04 - NEW Buyer's remorse begins for Trump voters
12/03 - McCrory calls special legislative session, setting up possibility of court-packing power grab
12/03 - Every single Trump cabinet member so far opposes LGBT rights
12/03 - China lodges complaint over Trump's call to Taiwan
12/02 - Cruise line fined $40 million for dumping sewage in ocean
12/02 - Trump has 'bizarre' conversation with Pakistani leader
12/02 - Questionable rule change on NC high court enables retired judges to serve as tie-breakers
12/01 - Wrestling exec Linda McMahon a top choice for Trump's small business chief
12/01 - Texas will now require funeral services whenever a woman has an abortion
12/01 - State elections board reverses course, orders Durham County early voting recount
12/01 - Petraeus would have to notify probation officer if named secretary of State
11/30 - Televangelist says Trump is like 'all of Jesus' disciples at once'
11/30 - Federal court orders new NC legislative elections in 2017
11/30 - Animals safe at Gatlinburg aquarium, including penguins, after wildfire forced town's evacuation
11/29 - Anti--semitism increasing on college campuses
11/29 - North Dakota governor orders pipeline protesters to leave
11/29 - NC Board of Elections orders counties to dismiss protests from McCrory campaign
11/29 - Asheville listed as most LGBTQ-friendly city in US
11/29 - Downtown Gatlinburg evacuated due to threat due to wildfires
11/28 - BREAKING: Facebook page of Ohio State attacker lists grievances about attacks on Muslims
11/28 - McCrory offers textbook example of how to steal an election
11/28 - Jerry Falwell, Jr. says Trump offered him Secretary of Education post
11/28 - This election’s most alarming story: the successful effort by a hostile foreign power to manipulate public opinion
11/28 - Western N.C. now vulnerable to mudslides after wildfires burn away protection
11/27 - Should liberals, who opposed Republican recounts, oppose the Stein recount?
11/27 - Trump conflicts of interests point to constitutional crisis
11/27 - In first, ISIS and Israel in open combat
11/27 - The world sees the Electoral College as a sign US political system is broken
11/26 - Millennial wage map shows incomes for younger wage earners, by state
11/26 - Election recount to begin in Wisconsin following Green Party petition, officials say
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