Citizens for Media Literacy is a non-profit, public-interest organization linking media literacy with the concepts and practices of citizenship. CML

  • promotes citizens' responsibility for free speech rights

  • provides assistance to citizen activists and journalists on issues related to the Freedom of Information Act and Open Records laws

  • publishes media analysis and criticism, such as Sinclair Media Watch

  • promotes public access to the media environment, especially via cable TV and the Internet.

A major project of CML is the Mountain Area Information Network.  MAIN is a nonprofit community network using integrated media technologies to expand the local public sphere and to support:

  • participatory democracy
  • citizen access to media
  • independent journalism
  • local cultural and artistic expression
  • locally-owned businesses
  • social and economic justice
  • and environmental stewardship

Citizens for Media Literacy sponsors conferences and symposia and publishes a newsletter entitled The New Citizen. (See selected articles from The New Citizen). Topics include media literacy, advertising and children, media violence and children, critical TV viewing skills, media analysis and criticism, free speech advocacy, citizenship education, economic censorship, cable TV public access, etc. Audio tapes of CML's invited speakers are also available.

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Cultural Environment Movement
P.O. Box 31847
Philadelphia, Pa. 19104-6220
(215) 898-6776

Project on Public Life and the Press
Dept. of Journalism
New York University
10 Washington Place
NY, NY 10003
(212) 998-3793

Union for Democratic Communications
Department of Communications
DePaul University
2320 N. Kenmore
Chicago, IL.  60614

Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy
Rutgers University
Political Science Dept., Douglass Campus
New Brunswick, NJ 08903.
(908) 932-6861.

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