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10/24 - NEW Anonymous distances itself from Wikileaks; 'it's the Julian Assange show'
10/24 - NEW Twitter has an anti-Semitism problem
10/24 - NEW Emmett Till memorial marker in Mississippi is now pierced by bullet holes
10/24 - NEW Bluest areas in NC show big increase in early voting; overall decrease in early voting in NC
10/23 - Statistics explain why the GOP cut early voting in NC
10/23 - Attack on Internet, thought to be from Russia, takes down major sites, is spreading
10/23 - Is the Hillary Clinton 'liar' label sexist?
10/23 - Half of Republicans would reject election results if Clinton wins
10/22 - Asheville theater legend Hazel Robinson passes away at 90
10/22 - Trump's national campaign director leaves to spend more time with his family
10/22 - Glaciers are melting; what the map of the coasts will look like when they're gone
10/22 - Trump Hotels ditching family name for new hotels
10/21 - Thousands line up for first day of NC early voting
10/21 - Trump draws boos at annual Al Smith Catholic charity dinner
10/21 - Elon Musk to Boeing on race to Mars: 'The more, the better'
10/21 - National report says K-12 funding cuts in NC among worst in nation
10/20 - As early voting begins in NC, Latinos hope to have greater impact
10/20 - LA Times debate scorecard: Clinton wins, again
10/20 - Donald Trump refuses to say if he will accept election result in final debate
10/20 - Europe's probe feared lost on Mars
10/19 - What are the Koch Brothers' ties to NC?
10/19 - Greenland ice is melting seven percent faster than previously thought
10/19 - McCrory on HB2: "The liberals made me do it"
10/19 - Hospitals dangerous source of infections
10/18 - Exxon asks court to throw out New York state's climate change case
10/18 - How lawmakers undermined Durham's plan to get people out of their cars
10/18 - Voter fraud actually very rare in US elections
10/18 - John McCain: Republicans will block anyone Clinton nominates to Supreme Court
10/17 - Thousands reenact Battle of Hastings of 950th anniversary
10/17 - Democrats fundraise for firebombed GOP office in Hillsborough, NC
10/17 - People in 50 NC counties tell of LGBTQ discrimination
10/17 - Iraqi offensive for Musul begins
10/16 - Burr takes the path of least resistance while voting more conservatively than almost any other senator
10/16 - Right-Wing ‘Crusaders’ militia group plotted terror attack on Muslim immigrants, FBI charges
10/16 - Trump's refusal to accept intelligence briefing on Russia stuns experts
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