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Community news posts provided after 9-3 by Mark West and Patricia Furnish, board members.

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10/04 - NEW GOP-controlled NC legislature makes last-minute attempt at limiting ability of municipalities to raise minimum wage, etc.
10/04 - NEW NC teacher exodus continues
10/04 - NEW Alabama, where ID is required to vote, closes DMVs in most predominantly-Black counties
10/04 - NEW The real, and racist, origins of the Second Amendment
10/03 - Colin Powell jokes he stays in the Republican Party 'because it annoys them'
10/03 - Search continues for source of huge plume of pollution that blanketed South Texas last year
10/03 - South Park takes on Whole Foods and gentrification
10/01 - How the progressive left has turned against Israel
10/01 - NC GOP-controlled General Assembly seeks to scale back protection against discriminatory housing, employment
10/01 - Duke Energy settles past, present and future groundwater issues from coal ash for $7 million
10/01 - Hog farmers staging rally in Raleigh to protest waterkeepers' ads
9/29 - GOP bill would cut NC food stamp for thousands
9/29 - Radical NC GOP lawmaker calls Planned Parenthood 'murder for hire'
9/29 - Flowing salt water discovered on Mars
9/29 - China's economy continues slow failure as coal company lays off 100k
9/28 - Lawmaker calls for prosecution of former DHHS manager
9/28 - Catalan separatists win elections, claim mandate for separation
9/28 - Conservative operator with close ties to Art Pope chosen to run NC GOP
9/28 - Asheville's 'left-wing leadership' a myth
9/27 - Doubts cast on claim of conservative 13-year-old that White House's @POTUS had blocked his Twitter account
9/27 - NC pork lobby wants Duke Energy to use in-state pig waste to burn as biogas at plants in Eden and Salisbury
9/27 - Female reporter receives threats via social media for investigation of sexual assault charges against Blackhawks player
9/26 - Federal investigation examines DHHS employees charged with hiring friends, wasting millions
9/26 - 'ConnectNC' bond passes Senate with transportation money stripped out
9/26 - Jeb Bush says he'll win African-American vote with hope, not 'free stuff'
9/26 - Boehner ally tried to recruit opponent to run against McHenry
9/25 - BREAKING: Boehner to resign from Congress at end of October
9/25 - Scientists examine 9,000-year-old decapitated skull from Brazil for clues
9/25 - VW scandal leaves environmental damage to a degree still unknown
9/25 - Study of European trees may be indicator of pace of global warming
9/24 - Comedian Amy Schumer's highly anticipated essays one step closer to publication
9/24 - Tribes and Central Valley farmers in California disagree over Trinity River management during drought
9/24 - Hit podcast 'Serial' probing Bowe Bergdahl case as possible new season project
9/23 - Anthropology student unexpectedly identifies a slave ancestor owned by James Madison
9/23 - Hindu-language typist receives replacement typewriter after police destroyed his first one and news hit social media
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