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8/24 - NEW This number is illegal to possess or distribute in the US
8/24 - NEW UN experts seem horrified by how US schools treat African-American children
8/24 - NEW NC GOP's legislative mission: Tax cuts to benefit the top one percent
8/24 - NEW Wikileaks outs gay people in Saudi Arabia in mass data dump
8/23 - Historical documents reveal Arctic sea ice is disappearing at record speed
8/23 - NC recovery held back by legislative fiscal austerity
8/23 - Clinton surges to big leads in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania
8/23 - Fox News and the repercussions of sexual harassment
8/22 - Neoliberalism investigated as cause of environmental crisis
8/22 - CDC expands Zika travel advisory in Miami
8/22 - Is NC first in freedom? No, but NC is first in GOP-led laws struck down by Federal courts
8/22 - US health care outcomes are global outlier in the worst possible way
8/21 - UNC Institute for the Environment has conservative underpinnings, as revealed by Phil Berger
8/21 - New Trump campaign manager failed to pay his taxes for several years
8/21 - Orthodox Rabbis issue groundbreaking statement on Christianity
8/21 - After GOP slashes funding, Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world
8/21 - Trump's empire is a maze of debt, opaque ties, bankruptcies
8/20 - Leicester well that provides water to nursing home, stores found to be contaminated with gasoline additive
8/20 - Justice Department says poor can't be held because they can't make bail - it violates 14th Amendment
8/20 - The 18 absurd claims the NC administration is making to defend HB2
8/20 - Trump disobeys Louisiana governor for photo-op to deliver Play-Doh to flood victims - no kidding
8/19 - Naked Donald Trump statue toppled as NYC Parks stands against ‘unpermitted erections'
8/19 - Trump has been a very bad businessman
8/19 - Ethics panel recommends investigation of Mark Meadows
8/19 - What we know about what happened with the US swimmers in Rio
8/19 - News coverage of Olympics shows sexism in society
8/18 - Did Federal agents spy on offshore oil lease protesters in New Orleans?
8/18 - NC officials still trying to suppress minority voting
8/18 - Aetna CEO to Justice Dept: Block our merger, and we'll drop out of Obamacare
8/18 - What Trump's latest shakeup says about his troubled campaign
8/16 - Trump adviser Al Baldasaro: Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason, not assassinated
8/16 - Trump has never spoken to or met the only economist on his advisory team
8/16 - Judge says Mocksville town manager liable for firing three city employees for reporting corruption
8/16 - Nation's most accurate statistical model calls 2016 election for Clinton
8/16 - Giuliani forgets about 9/11, claims that there were no terrorist attacks on US before Obama
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