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2/23 - NEW Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms
2/23 - NEW President Trump's popularity is 'sinking like a rock,' new poll shows
2/23 - NEW Exoplanet discovery: seven Earth-sized planets found orbiting nearby star
2/23 - NEW NC Republican files bill to establish life at conception
2/23 - NEW The travel press is reporting the 'Trump Slump,' a devastating drop in tourism to the US
2/22 - Republicans target non-surgical abortions in latest move to restrict reproductive rights
2/22 - House bill would scale back number of free school meals
2/22 - Middle America is basking in unprecedented February warmth
2/22 - NC governor and AG seek to end US Supreme Court review of voter ID case
2/21 - Neo-Confederates arm to fight the South's 'leftist menace'
2/21 - Gov. Roy Cooper in Charlotte today for teacher pay announcement
2/21 - Jewish community centers receive fourth wave of bomb threats this year
2/21 - Sylva Police search for person spiking hiking trail
2/20 - Trump cites fake attack on Sweden at rally
2/20 - Report: Senate Intel Committee asks agencies to keep records related to Russian probe
2/20 - NC conservative activists accused of threatening to kill Muslims
2/20 - Accused armed robber wrecks SUV into building in downtown Canton
2/19 - Trump vineyard requests visas for still more foreign workers
2/19 - Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide, dies at 69
2/19 - China grants Trump a trademark he's been seeking for a decade
2/19 - Bill in House calls for elimination of EPA
2/19 - TWRA confirms cougars in Tennessee
2/18 - Petraeus drops out of considerations for security post due to staffing concerns
2/18 - Man with white supremacist ties accused of plotting attack ‘in the spirit of Dylann Roof
2/18 - Mills River farmers ask Congress to protect their workforce
2/18 - A day before McCrory signed HB2, he got a poll that showed it would be popular
2/18 - Brooks: Imagining a failed Trump administration
2/17 - Asheville's Cotton Mill Studios for sale
2/17 - The rise of progressive 'fake news'
2/17 - Tribe files new suit as Army Corps announces eviction deadline for water protectors
2/17 - A Jewish reporter asked Trump a question; it didn't go well
2/16 - Somali refugees are risking life and limb to escape US for Canada
2/16 - Coach accused of embezzling $400k from Christian school in Fayetteville
2/16 - Boeing union workers lose historic election in SC
2/16 - Research shows that voter ID laws suppress minority voting
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