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NSDI - In North Carolina

The North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council or GICC is charged by Executive Order with fostering cooperation, creating policy, and resolving technical issues related to North Carolina's geographic information and GIS. In 1994, the GICC adopted the Strategic Plan for Geographic Information Coordination in North Carolina.

The Strategic Plan sets forth a vision and proposes objectives, strategies, and actions to enhance coordination of geographic information in North Carolina. The first of 9 strategies is "Advance the National Spatial Data Infrastructure". This reflects a recognition by the GICC of the value and potential benefits to North Carolina of a strong national geographic information coordination effort as defined by the NSDI.

North Carolina Receives Formal Cooperator Status with NSDI

In 1995, the GICC reaffirmed its commitment to support the NSDI by applying for and receiving official recognition as a Cooperating Group with the Federal Geographic Data Committee in building the NSDI. North Carolina is the second state to be recognized with formal cooperator status.

Another of the nine strategies set forth in the Strategic Plan and a key part of the partnership between North Carolina and the Federal Geographic Data Committee to advance the NSDI is to establish the North Carolina Geographic Data Clearinghouse.

The North Carolina Geographic Data Clearinghouse is now a reality and accessible over the Internet. It is directly linked to and serves as part of the network that comprises the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.

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