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Our Founder

The Asheville Freelance Network (AFN) is an informal group of creative independent professionals in writing, design, photography, and related fields. AFN was established in 1996 by Paige Blomgren in response to her own interest in sharing mutual support with other freelancers. AFN's mission is to provide support and networking opportunities for its members and to promote their services through this web site.

For the purpose of membership, AFN defines a freelancer as a person whose primary source of income derives from self-employment and who undertakes his or her work responsibilities alone, without full time employees. Typically members’ work has a creative component and a tangible product. To be an AFN member, the freelancer must live and work in Western North Carolina.

Our writers, editors, photographers, designers, and other independent professionals from Buncombe and nearby counties get together twice a year for a summer cookout in July and a holiday party in December. In addition members may choose to have occasional getogethers of their own. Membership in AFN includes a listing on the AFN web site and notices of any member events. There is a one time fee of $25 fee to join. If you are interested in joining, call Bob Boeberitz at 828 258-0316 or E-mail him at bboeberitz@gmail.com




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