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Home / Help / Windows 2000 and XP
Connecting to MAIN in Windows 2000 and XP

  1. For XP, click Start-All Programs-Control Panel-Internet Options. In Windows 2000, use Start-Settings-Control Panel-Internet Options instead.
  2. IF YOU DON'T SEE Internet Options in the Windows XPControl panel - Click Tools-Folder Options, then under Tasks, click "Use Windows Classic Folders" then Okay; then find and click Internet Options.
  3. Type in for the address (making sure the slashes go the way they are shown - it's on the same key as the "?" symbol.)
  4. Click Connections. If you are switching from another ISP or have had other ISPs installed in the past, you may remove them here. Click each one, then click the "Remove" button, and confirm removal if requested.
  5. Click "Add". (Exception: if MAIN is already there, skip to #6.) If prompted, select "US", then type in the 828 area code (use 828 even if that’s not your Area Code). Click Okay, or Next.
  6. Select the "Dial-up …" or " line..." connection type and click Next, then type in the phone number, and turn off the "...Area Code..." check mark if present. Click Next, and then if prompted for "Connection Availability" select "For all users" and click Next. Type in MAIN for the name of the connection. Click Next, and/or Finish.
  7. If you see "MAIN Settings" at the top of the page, skip to number 8. Otherwise, click MAIN, then "Always Dial...", then "Set default". Now click the "Settings" button (to the right of MAIN).
  8. Turn off any check marks that are on (by clicking them), then type in the username and password in the appropriate spaces at the bottom of the page. Leave the Domain entry blank.
  9. Click Properties (to the right of the username).
  10. Click the Networking tab, then make sure that Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is highlighted in the lower window; click Properties below the window where that appears.
  11. Click "Use the following DNS servers" and type in the numbers from your User Reference Data (use the Primary number in the Preferred slot, and the Secondary number in the Alternate.)
  12. Click Advanced. Leave both check marks on this page turned on.
  13. Click WINS at the top of that screen, and turn "Enable LMHosts" off.
  14. Select "Enable NetBIOS…" if that appears below the LMHosts entry (Windows XP only.)
  15. Click Okay on each screen until you are back to your Desktop and close the Control Panel.

Congratulations! Your browser and connection setup is now complete.

Please proceed to the Outlook Express setup to get ready to use email on MAIN.

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