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Ed and i took this hike in January. So anxious we were for a decent hike that we went on the weatherman's promise of the day being sunny. It was 35 degrees, but the sun helped some. When we made it to the rock outcroppings facing Southwest, we broke for breakfast (Ed breaking out the Whisperjet 9Million© and cooking up some pasta we brought and hot cocoa. That undid us, the pasta, the warm sun, the warm - not boiling - milk in the cocoa... we were asleep with backs on the rock in minutes. The call of far-off crows, the wind lilting thru the exposed trees. It was nature patting our little bellies and rocking us to sleep. It was what we needed though. I'd suggest bringing a dream journal with you on this one. Ed slowly baking in the warm sun and finally bursting is an image i'll never forget. It was also the first hike with my juju stick.


You get to the trailhead by driving east on Forest Service (FS) road 1206 from where it meets Route 276. This is just north of Pink Beds and Cradle of Forestry, which isn't far from the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Pisgah Inn. It is on the other side of the parkway from Pisgah, so there's not a good view of that particular mountaintop. Follow 1206 for about 3 miles (most FS roads are gravel), and you'll notice a pullover next to a creek. If you get to a gated road splitting off to the left, you've gone a bit too far.


The path follows the creek for a short while before splitting off to the right and working its way up the mountain. After a switchback or two you will get to where there is more exposed rock (where Ed and i slept) and a decent view to the south, overlooking valley that has the Pink Beds and Rich mountain Southwest. The trail lightens up a bit and you travel the ridge thru the forest. You can, if you wish, make it all the way up to Pisgah Inn, where a three-star meal could be a-waiting.


I don't have a picture to show you of this one... sorry.

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