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Speakers Bureau

Putting on a presentation?

RollingThunder-Asheville has presented several festive events to encourage well-informed and energetic citizenship. We're now making available to YOU some of our knowledgeable speakers. If you have a program slot to fill, please consider the list below as one of your resources. Your feedback is appreciated!

AW-1 Water Democracy
An invitation and status on getting the public engaged in protection of safe, adequate, affordable water for everyone. Poignant to Asheville now.
--> Hope Taylor-Guevara / (828) 251-1291 or 919-401-9600

AW-2 Polluter Accountability
We are highly dependent on clean water and air in our Western NC economy, and in our private lives. Appropriate permitting, polluter accountability, and financial assurance for cleanups are some important issues now.
--> Hope Taylor-Guevara / (828) 251-1291 or 919-401-9600

AW-3 Mobilized for Clean Air Western NC air is now being compared to the air over Los Angeles. This directly affects us, and our nature based economy. A broad range of the public has mobilized in the Canary Coalition to clear the air.
--> Avram Friedman, / (828) 631-3447

CP-1 We the People
Networking, writing press releases, contacts, and other means of effecting change in the local community. Includes smart growth and intelligent, community-wide transportation examples.
--> Eva Ritchey / (828) 693-8190

CP-2 Power of the pen (or the cursor)
Using writing to display issues, from letters and broadcast commentary to investigative reporting, poetry and songs. From a prize winning syndicated columnist, managing editor, and publisher.
--> Cecil Bothwell / (828) 713-8840

CI-1 The 1st Amendment, The Patriot Act
The 1st Amendment, concentrating on the establishment and free exercise clause, showed the founding fathers’ belief in specific limitations on government based on their real experiences. It is not truly a Patriot Act.
--> Bruce Elmore 253-1492

EI-1 Alternative Energy/ Energy Options
Energy conservation, helping our Earth, saving money, energy options available today. Based on solar, photovoltaics - and living “off the grid” for 20 years.
--> Cecil Bothwell / (828) 713-8840

FI-1 Sustainable Agriculture
Using muscles and money to change the way food is grown in this country. This could be a more important shift than alternative energy, but it also is a more complex, expensive, and little tougher switch.
--> Cecil Bothwell / (828) 713-8840

GB-1 Corporate Power from an Historical Perspective
Individuals, businesses, and even our national experiment in democracy, are being influenced by very large corporations. You may be surprised at the conditions that were imposed when corporations were first authorized.
--> Hope Taylor-Guevara / (828) 251-1291 or 919-401-9600

LQ-1 Do It Yourself
Taking charge of the mechanical objects in your life, even as a political act. From an advanced handyman of long standing, who has done projects all the way up to and including moving antique buildings.
--> Cecil Bothwell / (828) 713-8840

MP-1 Big Money, NC Politics, One Solution.
NC government is too much under the control of moneyed special interests, ultimately hurting almost all of us. Campaign to reverse this and status of substantial progress to date.
--> Tom Coulson / (828) 683-9354

VP-1 Electronic Voting Machines
Currently there are very serious problems with electronic voting and there are possible solutions. How this could affect your vote, what groups are working on the problems, how you can help.
--> Cecil Bothwell / (828) 713-8840

WI-1 Peace on/with the Earth
Ice Age hunter-gatherer based violence is not a viable resolution to world problems now, in our globalized and increasingly networked, industrial technological age. Perspective from an emergency room physician.
--> Richard Fireman / (828) 645-0469

WI-2 Prisoners in Guantanamo
The holding of prisoners by our national government in Guantanamo, Cuba, without basic due process rights which were dear to our founding fathers, has dire implications for our American way of life. A legal perspective.
--> Bruce Elmore / (828) 253-1492