Spring Creek Churches and Religious Organizations
Church of Ontology. Rev. Robert Yantiss 622-7583
408 Ken Cove Rd
Services: Sunday Worship 9:45 AM
Founded in 1950’s, the Church of Ontology moved to Spring Creek in
1983. Ontology is based on the ageless wisdom teachings of antiquity
and means “The science and study of all being.” The teachings help one
to gain a deeper understanding of existence and to form a direct
conscious relationship with God - actually “living the Word” and really
“...behaving as if the God in all life mattered.” The church welcomes
worshipers of all sects and faiths.

Flats Missionary Baptist, Rev. David Jones 622-7746
13130 Hwy 209
Services: Sunday School 10 AM, Sunday Workshop 11 AM
Sun. Eve. 6:00 PM, Wed. Eve. Worship, 7 PM
The flats church is over 150 years old and has hosted many of the original
families who founded Spring Creek.

Keenerville Church, Rev. David Schaffer
75 Tony Plemmons Rd
Services: Sunday School 10 AM, Sunday Worship 11 AM
Ministers come from Johnson Bible College, Knoxville, TN. At the time
Keenerville Church was created, Bethel Baptist was the only one other
Christian Church in the area.

Liberty Baptist, Rev. Greg Warren 622-7588
10080 Hwy 209
Services: Sun. School 9:45 AM, Sun. Worship 11 AM
Sun. Eve. Worship 5 PM, Wed. Eve. Worship 7 PM
Liberty Church celebrated their 100th Anniversary in 2006.

Lusk Chapel Baptist, Rev. Scott Dotson 622-9691
16575 Hwy 209
Services: Sun. School 10 AM, Sun. Worship 11 AM
Sun. Eve. Worship 6PM, Wed. Eve. Worship 7 PM
Church was founded in 1889

Meadow Fork Baptist, Rev. Jeremy Rogers 622-9373
49 Meadow Fork School Rd.
Services: Sun. School 10 AM, Sun. Worship 11 AM
Sun. Eve. Worship 6 PM, Wed. Eve. 7:30 PM
Original church was found in 1851 but burned down New Year’s Eve 1997.
Services were held in the fellowship hall until new church was completed
in 1998.

Meadow Fork Freewill, Rev. Vinson Price 645-9203
2919 Meadow Fork Rd.
Services: Sun. Worship 10:30 PM

Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Rev. Billy Clark 683-4788
101 Mountain View Rd.
Services: Worship 10 AM
It is estimated the church was built in 1857

Spring Creek United Methodist 622-7766
12000 Hwy 209
Reverands Dick and Diean Campbell
Services: Sun. School 10: 30 AM, Sun. Worship 11:30 AM
The church was moved from the Gap of the Mountain Cemetery
to its present site over 80 years ago.

Zion Missionary Baptist. Rev. Frank Willett 622-3297
6030 Hwy 209
Mailing Add: 1124 Bluff Mtn. Rd
Services: Sun Prayer 9:45, Sun School 10 AM, Worship
11 AM, Sun. Eve. Worship 5:30 PM, Wed 7 PM
Church established August, 1869. New church built in 1903.