Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Inc

13131 NC 209 Highway

Hot Springs, NC 28743



We currently have 20 active members and the fire chief is Shannon Allen.  Gweneeth Conklin is currently serving as President of the Board of Directors. 

 The Spring Creek Fire Dapartment has a new web site, click here to go there.

Tip of the Month

Change your smoke detector batteries whenever the time changes. It is easy to remember and may save your life.

Burn Permits

These are now available at the fire department, the Grits Restaurant and also online.  (Can you add an link for the NCDFR website?) Here is their address.  www.dfr.state.nc.us/burn_permit    This was suggested by County Ranger. 

Suggestions and/or Comments

Suggestions or comments may be mailed to the Department at the above address or e-mail us.

History of the Department

In the winter of 1981 there was a fire at the Mrs. Plemmons home in the Meadowfork section of Spring Creek. It was dark and there was a deep snow on the ground. At that time there was no fire department in Spring Creek. Several individuals in the community received a phone call that Mrs. Plemmons house was on fire. We took buckets, filled them with water from the branch and put the fire out. During the course of these events, Roemaine Willett said,"Why don't we start a fire department?" We all agreed it was a good idea. Stan McElroy made posters and put them in local businesses suggesting we have a community meeting to discuss starting a fire department. In January, we held a meeting at the Spring Creek School gym with 250 community members attending. In attendance was Jerry Vehaun, Buncombe County Emergency Management, Vernon Dover, Chief of West Buncombe fire department, Tony Webb from the North Carolina Forest Service and others. Dempsey Woody from Bluff gave the first money collected for the department.

That night, it was decided to start West Madison Volunteer Fire Department that later became known as Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Thanks to Stan, Bill Walker, and Jerry Vehaun, Larry Leake, County Attorney and with the support of the County Commissioners, we completed the necessary paperwork and received our charter. Forty members of the community signed up to be the first members of the department. Stan McElroy was elected the first Chief and Bill Walker, Assistant Chief. Joe Justice was the first President of the Board of Directors and Shirley Ruth Ledford was the first president of the Ladies Auxiliary.

Tax Status

SCVFD Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Department of the United States. SCVFD is supported by a limited local fire tax.  All additional monies are generated through fundraisers, grants and donations.  Firefighting personnel do not receive any compensation for their time, wear and tear on their vehicles, training expenses, and/or responding to fires and medical emergencies.  We want to thank everyone who supports our organization and its efforts.  Remember, support your local firefighters.  The life they save may very well be your own.