Blue Moon Group

Common Ground Statement

Background: Since November 2002, advocates from different sides of the abortion debate have been meeting monthly in an effort to reduce the chance of violence in our community over this serious problem. We call ourselves the Blue Moon Group because we first met at the Blue Moon Café and because one member thought the opportunity for such a discussion comes around only "once in a blue moon." To set the tone for our meetings, we developed a set of Purposes/Traditions and Closing Words which are read aloud at each meeting. A copy is attached. The group has now developed a working Common Ground Statement which describes the "common ground" we hold in approaching the issue of abortion. We regard this statement not as one set in concrete, but rather as a living document that may be modified as our discussions continue.

-We agree that talking with each other and forming relationships with each other help us to see the common ground we share as fellow citizens of this community in our discussion of abortion and surrounding issues.

-We agree that decreasing abortions is a goal toward which we all strive.

-We agree that relieving the socio-economic and other conditions that lead women to consider abortion is a common goal.

-We agree that adoption should be more encouraged and accessible.

-We agree that information provided to women should be accurate and that the references for the information or statistics be available.

-We agree that contraception and abstinence play important roles in lessening unplanned pregnancies, and, thereby, abortions, however we differ on methods and when and with whom to initiate discussion.

-We agree that physical or verbal violence has no role in opposition to or support for abortion and that our participation in such violence would hurt our respective causes.

-We are committed to ongoing discussion in order to accomplish the goals and maintain the agreements outlined here.

* * * * * *

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-For more information, phone 828-669-6677 or email