Blue Moon Dialogue Group

Purpose and Traditions

1. We gather together in dialogue realizing that while our views about abortion and religion may differ, we bring to the table a unified desire to find common ground, and to lessen the chance of violence in our community.

2. We come in peace without intention to impose our views about abortion on one another, but with a commitment to understand those views, to differentiate fact and fiction on the issue, and to get to know each other as people and as citizens of this community.

3. We participate in this dialogue recognizing the importance of this process. We participate in hopes of increasing communication among ourselves which we anticipate will lead to greater mutual respect among all sides of the abortion issue even beyond our immediate group.

4. We recognize that our discussions may involve controversial subjects and sensitive topics that mean much to each of us. Thus, in our discussions, we will not gossip, interrupt each other, or try to dominate but will consciously seek to listen carefully, speak respectfully, and be open and honest in our expressions.

5. While the fact that we are meeting is not a secret, we agree to keep the details of what we discuss confidential among those of us in this room, unless we agree otherwise on particular points.

Closing Thought

We leave here thankful for the opportunity to talk, appreciative of each person in this group, and committed to continuing to build respect among all sides of the abortion issue in our community. We go in peace until we meet again.

* * * * * *

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-For more information, phone 828-669-6677 or email